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talech Lithuania

What is talech Lithuania, UAB?

Talech develops the equipment needed for a POS (Point of Sale) system using simple, easy-to-understand IT solutions. The functionality of the POS system is focused on small and medium-sized enterprises. Listening to customer needs makes the company exceptional. Talech currently has about 50 employees. We plan to expand to several hundred in the coming years. We are open to trainees and contractors, and we create jobs all over Lithuania.

From 2019 In September, talech was owned by US Bank, the fifth largest bank in the United States in terms of innovation, strong customer service and community building.

How would you best describe your team and inner culture?

Work-life balance is what we aim for in creating an internal team atmosphere. We strive to provide employees with such an environment and working conditions that they have the freedom to choose, feel valued and heard. We want our company's employees to be more than just colleagues, so we are also constantly strengthening our team relationships, which is especially important for a fast-growing company.

What work organization model do you use? How do employees rate this?

We aim to keep employees motivated and working in an environment where they feel most productive. Everyone's needs are different, so we apply modern solutions when organizing work and provide the opportunity to choose flexible working hours and a hybrid work model. And on Fridays in general, we dedicate not to work meetings, but to the personal development of employees. We note that they particularly value the freedom to choose a solution from the hybrid work model that is most acceptable to them.

talech team in Workland Quadrum center
talech team in Workland Quadrum center

How do you motivate your employees, what are they most happy about being a part of talech Lithuania, UAB?

We not only create a comfortable and motivating work environment - we provide jobs in the Workland Centers, which are situated in premium locations of the old town in Vilnius and Kaunas, we reimburse parking costs, but we also pay a lot of attention to employees and offer value-added packages - training, conferences for personal development, team building and strengthening activities and trips for the whole talech team together.

Are you a long-term customer of Workland, which made the decision to choose a full-service office center?

We are growing fast and plan to grow even more. Centers such as Workland, which do not require additional space, are especially beneficial for such dynamic growth of Talech Lithuania. This also helps with the hybrid work model, as the office can rotate more staff than there are physical jobs. We are also happy to be able to use the Workland premises 24/7, and the Workland administration takes care of everything for us - household and administrative issues, and promptly responds to customer problems.

In your opinion, what kind of business, companies, solutions of fully serviced offices could also serve?

Workland provides excellent conditions if you have large teams and work in more than one city - you can rent office spaces in the centers of Vilnius and Kaunas. And for companies that provide IT, e-commerce services or in general apply a hybrid work model, as well as want to save time taking care of administrative / household office maintenance issues, Workland would be the best place to develop a business.

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