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Workland G9


Tell us about yourself - what does KASKO specialise in?

KASKO offers "InsurTech as a Service" and was co-founded in 2015 by Nick Sühr (CEO) and Matt Wardle (CTO). We provide a comprehensive service to insurers and Managing General Agents (MGAs), enabling them to quickly design and scale digital insurance services through either managed or self-service SAAS (Software as a Service) offerings.

Additionally, we assist our partners in areas such as strategy, product and workflow design, distribution, hiring within embedded insurance, digital sales, and high-frequency claims management.

Could you tell about your company's KASKO trip tradition and why it’s a good fit for your team?

Matt is from the UK, and Nick is from Germany; they met while studying in Nottingham. Both were on different career paths in insurance and tech consulting before deciding to found KASKO. Since Matt had experience working with tech teams from other countries, including Latvia, he suggested building our Tech Stack there and that is how we became a multinational team.

As much as we all enjoy working remotely, it is wonderful to see your co-workers in person once in a while and have an "in-office experience". Exploring new cities, engaging in fun activities together, and building meaningful relationships with all team members are invaluable aspects of our work culture.

How did you come up with the idea for international meet-ups in co-working spaces?

Before COVID-19, we had shared office spaces in London, Hamburg, and Riga, but even then, working from the office was not mandatory. However, after the pandemic, we shifted to working completely remotely, as we weren't visiting the offices often. We all love the concept of remote work and wouldn't want to give it up, but we also recognize the value of the social aspects of office life.

Therefore, a co-working space is the ideal solution for us, providing flexibility in terms of when and how much we use it. Plus, it comes with the added perk of not having to clean the coffee machine ourselves!

Can you give us an overview of what the typical coworking meet-up looks like?

  • A 3 to 5-day stay in a hotel in another city or country.

  • Workdays from 9 am to 5 pm in a co-working space.

  • After work: team dinners and activities, such as the Lukiškės Prison tour in Vilnius or the beer factory tour in Tallinn. Additionally, we are huge fans of karaoke!

KASKO team in Workland G9
KASKO team in Workland G9

How do you usually select the co-working spaces for your meet-ups? What led you to choose Workland?

For our team, which is usually about 20 people, it's important that the co-working space can fit all of us comfortably. Convenient locations and nice lunch places close to the office are equally appreciated. And, of course, a well thought-out interior (enough meeting rooms!) and good lighting always makes a difference.

We often go to Workland Telegraph in Riga's Old Town because it has everything we need. When we decided to go to Vilnius, choosing Workland was easy because we knew it would meet our standards and make things simple for us.

How would you describe your experience in Workland G9?

The well-designed co-working space of Workland G9, centrally located in Vilnius, perfectly fit what we were looking for. We were well taken care of and supported with all our requests, even before we arrived, through emails. The welcoming and friendly staff made us feel at home. Ergonomic and well-placed desks helped us stay productive, and the coffee kept us happy. Additionally, the nice view from the terrace was a delightful bonus!

What advice would you offer to other companies or entrepreneurs considering a similar concept for their businesses?

Just go for it! Such initiatives make employees happy and engaged, support their mental well-being, and definitely spark new ideas. It doesn't always require a large budget; cities like Vilnius or Riga, for instance, are quite affordable and offer a great variety of restaurants and attractions (We're still eagerly anticipating the Barcelona trip we missed due to the pandemic, though!). It's also wonderful to see co-working spaces like Workland supporting this new type of work flexibility, making everything as comfortable and easy for guests as possible.

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