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Coworking space & offices

Find your perfect working style in an inspiring work environment enhanced by utmost flexibility, bolstered by support services, and activated through engaging and fun events and activities.

Premium locations across the Baltics & Finland
All Workland centres are easily accessible and very well located, either in the city centre, old town or in a business district in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Kaunas, Helsinki & Espoo.
Scaleable space & flexible rental period
The most flexible office solutions that support your business developments. It's effortless to up or downsize should your needs change.
Community & networking
Work within a diverse group of like-minded people. You never know which conversation by the water cooler strikes up some fresh ideas!
Our Network

Flexible Office Spaces

A variety of serviced offices and coworking centres in Finland and across the Baltics. Whether you're a solopreneur looking for quiet desk space with a supportive community to engage with or a larger established company looking for space for the team(s), we have suitable solutions. Select your city to browse locations.

Flexible Solutions

Scaleable spaces on flexible terms

All memberships at Workland are all-inclusive. So you can concentrate on your core business, enjoy all the benefits of coworking and leave us to look after the workspace.

What our members say

Workland - a way to work without getting stuck between monotonous walls. Continuous movement inspires both creativity and your own mobility. I chose it for its accessibility by my favorite means of transportation - walking, the ability to change spaces, a professionally run administration, and a certain emotional connection to the space on Didžioji Street - once, after the war, my grandfather worked here, then as a cinema, whom I never got to know. Sometimes, climbing the stairs, I think he climbed them too.

Benediktas Gylys An angel-investor, book author, builder of Portals, Benediktas Gylys Foundation President

At Workland, we have learnt how much the working environment makes a difference, and we can now safely say that the time we spent in this space has matched the fastest forward momentum of our business. We are happy that the Workland space provides us with all the necessary conditions to work productively, and that the people and environment here constantly inspire us to keep going, to keep looking for new ideas and to be inspired to create, to grow and to expand.

Dovilė Urbanaitė Businesswoman, founder of the "She Is Glowing" women's club.

There truly is something magical about coworking spaces. Workland has opened up various opportunities for us, from collaborating with neighboring businesses to presenting at Marketing Meetup. The moment you step into the office, you feel like you are part of a large company with many departments and a diverse range of high-level skills.

Hundred Agency Digital Marketing Agency

Workland has a vibrant community, with several of our members based here, so communicating and collaborating in the same co-working space is very comfortable. Also, we cannot fail to mention the great location right in the city centre, which is ideal for organising meetings with our partners or for going to meetings with them ourselves.

Jurgis Adomavičius Logistics expert, businessman

No headaches about office maintenance, everything is just simpler. Moreover, in such offices, you can often meet amazing people with whom to share ideas, lessons, or even find new talent for the team! Communication with new people is an invaluable experience, and these spaces are full of it.

Kilo Health team

Workland has been our team’s “home” for a few years now. We love the easy accessibility and the location, the wide selection of meeting rooms and the stylish chilling areas, and the community across all Workland spaces. It’s quiet when we want it to be, and buzzing when we wish to seek new ideas and connections. Workland’s own team is among the biggest perks. They share our mindset of being solution-driven, co-operative, embracing flexibility, and more than once they’ve gone along with our crazy ideas.

Latitude59 Startup and Technology Conference

Spaces, people, the chance to see the team all the time. Workland is a great place for that. As soon as I walked in, I started saying hello to the well-known professionals in their fields.

Laura Dabulytė Communication Specialist

Having guests in Workland for a meeting is a pleasure - the facility looks presentable. Also, going to such a modern office is fun, not only because of the stylish surroundings and the advantages Workland offers, but also because of the opportunity to be surrounded by people who are educated and have a modern approach to work. It not only broadens your horizons, but also gives you inspiration to improve.

Simona Albavičiūtė - Bandita TV host

I chose Workland primarily for its community and the professional environment it offers. The network of professionals and the collaborative atmosphere here are great, and this helps in boosting the creativity required in my daily work. The flexible workspace options that Workland offers align perfectly with my need for both remote and occasional in-person work settings.

Stefano Amorelli Staff Software Engineer at Qonto

For experienced businesses to be able to grow successfully and share knowledge with start-up innovators, spaces that ensure the highest standards, both in terms of quality and flexibility, are needed. One such place is Workland, where start-ups have the opportunity to become part of an international network and gain invaluable experience not only in Lithuania but also abroad.

Tadas Stankevičius Kaunas IN

I reviewed the specifics of my organisation and decided to look for a flexible workspace where I could rent offices or enquire an additional desk in the coworking space if needed. Workland offered a great solution for this. When I came here, I no longer had an argument to say no.

Živilė Glaveckaitė Founder and CEO of BZN START

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