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Meet the Briox team from Maakri centre. A remarkable and fun team who are making accounting simple and spark up office life!

Briox develops and licenses an accounting program "Briox" designed to facilitate financial reporting and bookkeeping for accounting agencies, companies, organizations and schools. Briox's entirely cloud-based system is sold mainly in Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets.
Briox headquarters and developers are based in Växjö, in southern Sweden.

Briox's Estonian office is located in the Workland Maakri centre. The team here consists of Janar, Hilje and Helina.

"Looking at the three of us, many might think that we're s a small company, but we do have very close cooperation with our Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden teams. Altogether, we make up a team of 27 people." describes Janar.

Briox is listed on the Nordic Growth Market Exchange. "Today, we work mainly with accounting firms, but our customer base includes a growing number of consumers from other fields as well. We focus on smaller companies and micro-enterprises, all sorts of service providers, digitalization companies, and banks, too. We are currently developing a new service in cooperation with SEB. It's a service where SEB's clients can get their accounting done directly from their online bank. Their account is linked with Briox accounting software."

"Many companies have a CEO in one country and subsidiaries in several countries, also accounting is done in each country separately. Briox brings all accounts into one system enabling the accountant to enter another country's accounting system, but still perform all of the procedures in one language as the reports are available in Estonian as well as in English. "We aim to support the accountants and design our product accordingly." describes Hilje.

Where did the idea to expand to Estonia come from?

"I was working at the Swedish Trade and Invest Council and had the opportunity to do a market analysis for Briox. The results were promising, the company decided to expand. As I had an extensive network and spoke the local languages, we decided to open a Briox office in Estonia" explains Janar, country manager of Estonia at Briox. For the first half-year, we localized Briox software for Estonian conditions. Not only would it be in Estonian, but the software would comply with the Estonian Accounting Standards, the Estonian tax system and the way Estonian accountants were used to working. Accounting is precise and although at first glance it may seem that some things are the same in every country if you take a deeper look; there may be significant disparities – what's allowed in one country might not be permitted in another, and so on.

Hilje, who is engaged in sales and administering sales training courses, emphasizes the importance of feedback and teamwork in business communication, "I enjoy teaching people, communicating with them. Feedback is essential for me; it's instructive and helps me grow and improve the whole Briox service as well. It's the only way we can make the next iteration even more user-friendly. Positive feedback also nourishes the soul, and you feel that you're doing the right thing. Naturally, we all complement each other's decision-making and skills. We prefer discussing things and supporting one another, sharing knowledge and so on. Teamwork is critical – why row by yourself if you can sail as a team!"

Helina, the customer support & journey manager, brings out the importance of language skills. "I've taught English professionally in Spain and see the great benefits of it. Even though I've translated from Spanish to Estonian and currently translate from Estonian to English, I feel it's done a lot for my development. I believe anything can be learned and nothing's impossible.

How did you find Workland and why did you choose Maakri centre in particular?

Flexibility was very important for us, and Workland's solutions were very compatible with our needs. Maakri's location was also excellent. What I like about this building was the concept of old and new – an old building which is tastefully renovated and furnished, very modern. And of course, the red brick exterior goes well with a Nordic company.

We looked for a private office that would be in a coworking centre and Workland Maakri was the ideal office for us. It has a large meeting room where we have had already a number of workshops. We never have to worry about what is the impression does our office leave, we're glad to invite customers in for a meeting. We greatly appreciate the professional approach of our team and from Workland itself.

What companies or entrepreneurs would you encourage to  join Workland?

I'd recommend Workland to companies that have their headquarter in one country and teams all over the world. It's perfect for companies similar to us. We meet face to face too, but not that often. Thus it's great to be part of a bigger local community and take part in events and activities.

Workland's flexible solutions are suitable for big and small, companies just starting and established firms as well. For example, any company planning to grow, test out their service in a different market, doesn't have to start with an office or lease a private office until they
have reached a specific size.

What would be the three words to describe your  experience at Workland?

Flexibility, professionalism and friendliness.

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