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Meet the architect Kaidi Põder from Workland Maakri centre

Kaidi graduated from the TalTech Lisbon Joint Course in Architecture, meaning that courses took place in different countries. Last fall, Kaidi and her coursemate Robin (who is French but lives in Helsinki) decided to start an architecture bureau. They are working on several projects and as fresh starters still developing their customer base. Kaidi is located in Estonia and Robin in Helsinki, but they are both looking for projects around the world. In the beginning, they took part in several international architectural competitions to get an idea of the architecture and culture of the different countries. 

“We mainly concentrate on general architecture, but sometimes only the interior architecture is in our focus. The main projects about product design so far have come from France. In Helsinki, we were able to design a café-bar. We are also working in Estonia. We even won one recognition award for designing the main square in the seaside town, Võsu."

“Our goal is to focus primarily on healing architecture and to explore this topic even further. This discipline is concerned with how and what spaces influence a person's physical and mental health, how space can support human health. Although I designed a cancer treatment centre for my thesis, the impact of space is important everywhere, at home and in the office. Another exciting trend for me is neuro-architecture – how space affects our brains. Some rooms are suitable for learning and some for relaxation. Space can influence so many people. I also think about this aspect when designing people's homes and houses. I am aspiring to get a PhD in this field.”

How did you discover Workland?

Working from home most of the time got really boring. I wanted to find an inspiring workplace where I am happy to go every morning. When working from home, the line between working time and leisure is blurred. Initially, I went to a digital marketing training at Vabaduse centre. Then I saw all the opportunities Workland offers and realized that is exactly what I was looking for. I did a free trial day at Maakri, and now here I am :)

Why Workland Maakri? 

In Maakri, I enjoy its fascinating interior and appreciate the central location. I chose the Maakri location for its architecture as the environment is important to me. Also, the fact that even though I am a starting entrepreneur, I can provide my clients professional meeting place and feel part of the bigger community while having my freedom. Also, it is great to have community breakfasts, massages and events that make you feel like you belong to somewhere and which a small company can’t provide.

What are three words that describe your experience at Workland?

Flexible, cosy and professional. 

What kind of businesses would you encourage to move into Workland? 

All types of businesses to be honest as having different people around creates an opportunity for great conversations and new ventures.

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