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Workland G9


What is the GoMama community, and what values ​​does it uphold?

GoMama is a community for mothers - a gathering place for active women who wish to start, grow, discover themselves, or advance professionally.

Our biggest asset is how passionately we support one another, share our experiences and issues, work together to solve them and seek cooperative partnerships. 

I think that we are each simply a tiny drop of water in the grand scheme of things. Yet, as a result, we actively assist one another in avoiding "drying out" and immersing ourselves in deeper depths. 

What are your main career goals?

In my work, I hope to motivate as many women as possible to face their fears, establish new enterprises, and expand current ones.

Show them a detailed strategy, provide them with the knowledge they require, get them on the road, and be the strong back that always encourages and urges them not to give up and keep moving ahead. 

Why did you decide to work in the Workland G9?

Because I believe in the power of community, it's no surprise that I like working with people and establishing new friendships. So I am thrilled to be a member of Workland - it is full of people I would never have met otherwise! 

What three words best describe your work experience?

Excellent team, high quality and expanded opportunities. 

What companies and businesses would you encourage to choose Workland?

I would recommend more freelancers and smaller companies to join the Workland community since it is a genuinely amazing place to learn, work, and even acquire valuable job experience.

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