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bzn start

"bzn start" is a news platform for growing businesses, where entrepreneurs share their experience and knowledge. In addition, the company organises various business events, offers several training programs, seminars and contributes to other initiatives to help grow the business in Lithuania.

"bzn start" joined the Workland community on Didžioji Street, Vilnius, in 2020. They settled comfortably in their new office, continued with the initial work, and organised several events in the Workland spaces like the business conference "Next Economic".

During the office's opening ceremony, the "bzn start" team was greeted by a large group of well-known entrepreneurs. Ilja Laurs told noted that he is happy to see positive changes that the "bzn start" team brings and wishes success in the further development of Lithuanian business infrastructure. The founder of "Topo Grupė", Aurelijus Rusteika, hoped for "bzn start" team to continue business unicorns development and support in Lithuania, and "Telesoft" founder Algirdas Stonys encouraged to keep reaching for their goals and outrun even "The Economist" or "Financial Times".

What is the main task of the "bzn start" team?

Continue to create and develop a "bzn start" platform, help businesses grow and develop, get helpful information from experienced experts, develop partners' cooperation network.

What led you to choose Workland for your office?

Before the pandemic, we had a conventional office, a standard office lease agreement. However, the change in the approach to the workplace in recent years has led to our decision to choose a flexible office in one of Workland's fully serviced offices and coworking centres in Vilnius, Didžioji Street.

We realised that standard office rentals no longer meet the needs and work style of our modern and innovative team. So now, in Workland, we have both a private office and plenty of comfortable common areas for meetings or taking some time off to relax. Also, we can use private booths for calls.

How would you describe your experience at Workland?

Workland has become a true home for us. It is an inspiring environment for work, with a representative location and professional help in office and workplace matters.

Which companies and businesses would you encourage to choose Workland?

For all those who care about a comfortable and representative place for both work and meetings. Especially important nowadays - flexible rent agreement terms. After all, we fully understand how fast business and team size needs are changing today and having an office or workplace in Workland makes it very easy to manage and minimise any risk.

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