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XYZRD Group, established in 2015, is an official authorised European representative of Zultys, an award-winning provider of cloud unified communications solutions. Our primary goal is to bring innovative products and technologies to market around the world for the next generation of communication and computing devices. We aim to bring businesses closer to their customers by empowering business management with many types of communications, including voice, video, IM, chats, media sharing, BOTs, social media, and contact centres.

We develop and provide communications solutions for a plethora of devices that utilize internet-based technologies. Our communication service, Connector 73, provides an open platform that allows mobile and remote workforces to be connected from anywhere and on any device while giving customers the flexibility to customize their own workflows.

What challenges or needs did you face that led you to look for a solution like Workland?

The first thing we considered when choosing our office space was the location. We were looking for a location that our employees could commute to easily. WorkLand is located in the city centre, where the population concentration is higher, giving greater exposure to our business and brand. Innovation has always happened in the heart of cities because you are surrounded by free thinkers and big new ideas. Who knows, you might find your next big partner during your lunch break!

Another thing we considered was the layout of the office. In addition to being fully-furnished Workland also has an enclosed workspace, which is critical in terms of productivity. Being located on the 5th floor enables sunlight to properly enter our office, which is essential for ensuring wakefulness and relieving stress.

How is Workland helping your business?

As Porter Gale says, ‘Your network is your net worth’. So, networking is definitely something to consider when it comes to our future business collaborations. At Workland, networking is not just exchanging business cards. Since we have a common kitchen and facilities, we have the opportunity to chit-chat, drink coffee together, help each other with a variety of issues, and share our knowledge. Basically, its networking taken to the next level.

Depending on your own specific needs when looking for a space, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of Workland Hobujaama compared to other similar office spaces?

While open/co-working spaces can offer entrepreneurs opportunities to develop professional relationships and cut business operating expenses, they do not offer a silent working environment. For many people, including us, it can be hard to get long stretches of creative work done in a co-working space. That’s why we chose Workland Hobujaama; our company’s privacy is guaranteed, and we enjoy a quiet working environment.

At Workland you do not have to worry about basic amenities such as office equipment, and so on. The staff will take care of any request you may have. 

What are three words that describe your experience at Workland?

  1.  Corporate

  2.  Network

  3.  Sophisticated

What other types of businesses would you encourage to move into Workland?

Any kind of industry would be fine for us. More businesses mean more networking opportunities and increased productivity.


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