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Connected Baltics

Business background, services, and goals

Serial entrepreneur with a strong passion for innovation and next-generation technologies. With Connected Baltics, using Sigfox technology we provide an affordable, energy-efficient and simple network for sensors and devices that make up the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is going to change the way we interact with objects around us and I enjoy bringing this unique technology to everyone and enabling it.

What challenges or needs did you face that led you to look for a solution like Workland?

As a business, we have to stay next to our growing customers that are mainly located in central Tallinn and have fast access to Tallinn airport and harbour. Workland brings enormous value to us by matching all of our requirements. It's a great place to start and grow.

Depending on your own specific needs when looking for a space, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of Workland Hobujaama compared to other similar office spaces?

As privacy is key for us when dealing with customers, and as most of the phone calls consist of information that is protected, the open/co-working spaces do not fit our requirements. At Workland we love sharing resources with other professional companies that are inside the building.

What are three words that describe your experience at Workland?

  1. Professional setup

  2. Top location

  3. Great assistance and support.

What other types of businesses would you encourage to move into Workland?

Professional businesses who need full service and support to grow in a fast-paced environment.

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