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Benediktas Gylys

Workland narys Benediktas Gylys

What activities are you currently engaged in, and how would you describe your work?

At the moment, my main activity is building Portals in different countries around the world. It's the first interconnected network of identical sculptures, inviting people from around the world to meet above walls, differences, and disagreements, reminding us that we're all flying on the same little cosmic ship. I wouldn't call it work; it's more like my essence, the reason to exist, grow, and rejoice.

What does your workday in the office look like? Which spaces do you choose, and how does your workspace evolve during the day?

The day starts with black coffee with plant-based milk from my fridge, and while I'm sipping it, I try not to do anything else, even though sometimes it feels like my hand takes the phone out of my pocket on its own.

I have a dedicated space at Workland on Didžioji Street, and at Workland G9, I constantly change them - it's a good balance between routine and novelty.

I try to keep my workspace tidy, with only the necessary items and a cup of tea. Over the years, I've realized that order is true laziness - being untidy burns a lot of energy and gray nerve cells.

What habits bring you success?

Self-esteem, including healthy body fuel - food, sports, yoga, meditation, allowing myself to sleep for eight hours, listening to the voice of my heart, questioning conventional wisdom, and not following fashion.

Workland community member Benediktas Gylys
Workland community member Benediktas Gylys

What inspires and motivates you to achieve your goals?

The impermanence of life, God, the desire for self-improvement, 80's MTV channel, books, success stories of other people.

What are your most significant recent accomplishments, wins, or lessons learned that you'd like to share or celebrate?

Last month, with, we once again reached an eight-digit audience, received millions of likes, and thousands of comments - the project, like a kite flying around the world, carries a message of love, unity, and peace. Since sculpture installation requires a lot of patience, I've learned to enjoy the process and understand that even without physical manifestations, we can be successful and reach millions of people.

What types of businesses would you encourage to join the Workland community?

Those capable of rising above profit margins.

In a few words, how would you describe Workland? Why did you choose this coworking space?

Workland - a way to work without getting stuck between monotonous walls. Continuous movement inspires both creativity and your own mobility. I chose it for its accessibility by my favorite means of transportation - walking, the ability to change spaces, a professionally run administration, and a certain emotional connection to the space on Didžioji Street - once, after the war, my grandfather worked here, then as a cinema, whom I never got to know. Climbing the stairs sometimes, I think he climbed them too.

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