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Meet the SmartCap team from Vabaduse centre! 

SmartCap team brings together investments and startups, ensuring the best seed and growth financing opportunities for venture capital funds in Estonia. 

SmartCap is a subsidiary of the Estonian Credit and Export Guarantee Fund (KredEx) that manages a venture capital fund with 80 million euros of assets. SmartCap’s role is to ensure start-ups have the best possibilities for funding in all growth phases – primarily through private-sector venture capital funds.  

“Innovation and new value-added jobs create important value for any country. The Estonian start-up sector is already strong today and our role is to offer capital through funds to all investable technology- and knowledge-intensive companies.” describes Mari. 

Supporting innovation and jobs that generate high value 

SmartCap is a small team and has 4 key people Sille, Mari, Markus and Karl. There’s also Marina, who’s in charge of the communication strategy. The main role is finding and making investments and managing the portfolio. The team is split into two – Sille and Karl work as an investment arm which is supported by Mari and Markus with operations and legal.  

How did you make it to Workland and why did you choose our Vabaduse location in particular? 

We were at Hobujaama at first – until last June, since also KredEx Group is located in the same building. When we heard that the Vabaduse location was ready and visited the space, we really enjoyed the new space. At first, we got ourselves a hot desk and held meetings here, but eventually decided to move,  Vabaduse was just the right office for us. We like the combination of a private office coupled with a lounge, co-working area, events, fun and much more. The work environment offers a change of pace and the balance is right.  

I wouldn’t want to spend too much time and effort taking care of the daily life aspect of the workplace. Leasing your own office space means dealing with property management, hiring cleaning people, and that’s a real hassle that might take more time than you can imagine. 

Privacy is also important for us. We aren’t a typical co-working centre customer – we need closed-door meetings from time to time. But, being human, we do appreciate the bonuses a co-working centre offers – if you want, you can be in the open area but still have your own private office. The environment is visually appealing, good for inspiration, you could read a book in the middle of the workday if there was time, and it’s a good place to invite clients. 

The location is naturally also a plus, being located right in the heart of the city. 

What would be the three words to best describe your experience at Workland?

Flexibility, modern/attractive/aesthetic, trustworthy. And ultimately a pleasant work environment and the feeling of community and solidarity.

What companies or entrepreneurs would you encourage to join Workland?

Coworking solutions are more than just for 1-2-person companies. It’s appropriate for many companies who value flexibility – and that’s exactly what Workland offers. Also, everyone who wants to get out of their home and not work out of cafes but in a professional environment.  

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