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Alaska Forever

What does Alaska forever OÜ do, what makes you unique?

The main activity is film and video post-production services.
Our primary focus is on the offline editing of full-length feature and documentary films - telling an audio-visual story through dramaturgy.

Such work requires an excellent internal balance from the author for both emotional and rational views of the topic. The editing director is like a chameleon taking different roles to look at events from different angles and levels and then making his own choices that reach the screen.

What are your most significant/successful projects?

The process of editing a single film is usually quite long, varying from 4-5 months for feature films up to 1-2 years for documentaries. When working on a new movie, the editing director needs to connect with the central theme, message and nature of the film. Personal connection with the topic creates the ground for fruitful creative work. Therefore, the current creative portfolio consists primarily of the author's cinema and personal stories. The entertainment aspect is secondary.

Many of our films and series screened over the past five years have gained recognition on the national and international levels:

  • "The Days That Confused" 2016, awarded at the EFTA Gala (Estonian Film and Television Awards), PÖFF and the Karlovy Vary Festival in the Czech Republic.

  • "Portugal" 2018, screened at the Locarno Festival

  • "The Bank" 2018, awarded at the Brno festival. Screened at the Geneva International Film Festival.

  • "A Year Full of Drama" 2019. World premiere, Sydney 2020. Awarded at EFTA Gala.

  • "A Loss of Something Ever Felt" 2020, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival

How did you get to Workland, and how did Workland Hobujaama turn out to be the best choice for office use?

When looking for additional office space, location and comfort played a key role. Workland offered a fast and suitable solution and convenient administration.

What would be the three words that best describe your experience at Workland?

Comfort, cleanliness and good communication. Good access 24/7 and great communication play a key role.

Which companies/entrepreneurs would you encourage to join Workland?

The field of activity is not decisive here. Even though it is a serviced office centre with many companies, there is enough private space here.

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