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Fermi Energia

Fermi Energia - Workland Maakri 25

What is Fermi Energia about?

Making a better world to live in! We want to have a clean environment, high tech industry and a better economy for Estonia.

Fermi Energia has been formed to develop the possibility of introducing a new generation small modular reactor in Estonia to meet the security of the supply of Estonian energy and achieve the climate goals.

Who are the people behind it? How would you describe your field of expertise?

We are a team of nuclear, energy and economy experts and we want to build a new type of nuclear power plant - first in Europe.

What do you enjoy the most about your work? What are the biggest “wins”?

Explaining nuclear energy in a country with almost no real experience in it and where most people don't know much about it is a challenge. Stigmas are hard to break. There's always someone against nuclear, even after facing the facts that it's proven to be the safest and cleanest form of energy of them all, the waste is easily managed, and it's economically viable. Nobody said it would be easy, and we're 100% determined. Estonia's new Government also stated that "We will continue the discussion on the possibilities of using nuclear energy in Estonia. We are looking for opportunities to increase the competence of nuclear energy in the country". As one of our main goals is to educate people on nuclear energy, it's clearly our "win" :)

What do you value the most about your working environment in Workland Maakri?

We are a small team with many connections worldwide, and most of us work from outside the office. It means that some of us need the office for lengthy calls and webinars, others for concentrated work, and sometimes we need a conference room ready.

In three words: convenient, flexible, thought-out

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