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Meet Vabaduse centre member Kristjan Prik, a graphic designer at the agency Made By. Kristjan’s an excellent example of how a company can function superbly even without a larger office of its own – it could place all its employees in coworking centres. Kristjan works in our dedicated desk area, where he chose the desk that was best for positioning screens and had enough natural light, which is also something that a designer needs. Kristjan points out that besides many events and great conversations, the coworking centre can also offer him a quiet environment to maximize his ability to concentrate on what he’s working on.

Describe the work you do. How did you end up in this profession? What are your most significant achievements or career goals?

I’m a (graphic) designer at Made By. Close to six years ago I started my studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts, which was about the same time I got my first project at Made By. My early years there were spent mainly experimenting in the art field, but now my emphasis has shifted toward more functional and intuitive design – design aimed at solving problems. UX/UI, visual identities, design philosophies and much more are common keywords for me. As our clients range from small start-ups to major corporations and there’s a wide variety of fields, the work is extremely exciting, because every client and project requires a specific approach.

Made By also organizes workshops – just recently we held a free UX workshop right here in Workland. We felt the participants were delighted, which makes us glad! A few years ago, we even had a couple of workshops in Uganda, where we found ourselves trying to outrun hippos (yes, really) and also dodge malaria.

How did you get to Workland and why did you choose the Vabaduse centre in particular?

Before Workland, I was based in another coworking office, which was too intense and restless for me. I saw pictures of Workland on social media and immediately started liking the style and spaciousness of the facilities. As I explored the place, I realized that besides the variety of activities, it was also quiet enough to allow me to get my work done. I didn’t look any further after I found Vabaduse!

What would be three words that would best describe your experience at Workland?

Quality, quiet, friendliness

What kind of companies or entrepreneurs would you encourage to join Workland?

Designers; most of all purely out of personal interest. :)


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