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SH Payments

SH Payments

Workland G9


1.     What is the main activity of your company? 

UAB Stanhope Financial is an EMI based in Lithuania with the trading name SH Payments. We offer multi-currency bank accounts and FX capabilities for corporates. We have partnered with Tier 1 international banking providers (ABN Amro, Banking Circle and Signature Bank) to offer great products to our corporate clients. 


We are part of the Stanhope Financial Group, which consists of:

-       SH Payments (EMI in Lithuania), 

-       SH Capital (Asset Management company licensed & regulated in Dubai)

-       SH Digital (Regulated in Dubai).


2.     What are the main joys and achievements you are proud of today?

We are proud that we have been able to obtain licenses for all our 3 entities. This is a great achievement that adds great value and trust in the business we are creating. Aside from business, we are happy to have a new home at Workland for our wonderful team in Lithuania!


3.     What questions could other Workland members ask you / your team members about? What field experts do you consider yourself?

Our doors are always open to anyone! If you are interested in opening bank accounts for your business, get more knowledge about the abilities in FinTech & payments sector, then we are more than happy to help and advise. If you are having trouble with your banks we can try to explain why and we can offer you a better solution! 


We are all-round FinTech/payments focused and experts in the field of compliance, payments and  onboarding/KYC. 


4.    How come you decided to expand to Lithuania? 

Lithuania has branded itself as the FinTech hub in Europe. We have noticed that the Central Bank of Lithuania is very open minded and supportive of the FinTech sector, which has given us comfort to establish our business in Vilnius. The local staff have proven to be great and experienced, making it easy for a foreign company to establish in Lithuania. 

SH Payments komanda Workland G9
SH Payments komanda Workland G9

5.     How do Workland’s opportunities meet your team’s expectations?

We look forward to the monthly gatherings and of course being in a co-working space allows us to have exposure to other companies whereby we hope to collaborate with and support for all things related to FinTech and payments.


6.     3 words that best describe your experience at Workland.

4 words: Work Hard, Play Hard!


7.    What kind of businesses and companies would you encourage to choose solutions for fully serviced offices / collaboration spaces as well?

We would encourage international companies that come to Lithuania to start at Workland as its a great opportunity to meet other companies but also be in a young, inspiring, and fun environment. 


SH Payments team in Workland G9
SH Payments team in Workland G9

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