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AM+A Marketing & Media Relations

AM+A Marketing & Media Relations is a travel and lifestyle PR agency located in the Workland Telegraph in Riga. The company specialises in working with travel, culture and lifestyle brands emphasising sustainability by providing creative solutions.

Integrated PR & Digital Specialist, Managing Director Frank Marr is regarded as one of the industry’s brightest stars, he has also been behind numerous world-class campaigns and helped shape an agency built on a culture of hard work and innovation.

Here are some of his thoughts about the agency's experience in the Workland community.

What does your company do?

We’re an integrated marketing and PR agency that provides global press office services, integrated digital marketing and strategic marketing campaigns for Baltic companies. This ranges from generating national newspaper publicity in the globe's biggest media and running creative advertising campaigns on social media and content marketing. Our clients vary from household retail brands and national tourism boards to green tech/renewable energy organisations and electric vehicles companies. 

What is your field of expertise?

Personally, apart from running the award-winning AM+A Marketing and Media Relations, I am a strategic and creative thinker who provides solutions and results to organisations. My main focus right now is helping organisations transition to a more purpose-led and circular economic marketing strategy (such as reducing wastage through encouraging customers to change). We want to help our clients ensure their marketing promotes positive change instead of using greenwashing messages to be on-trend.  

How did you decide to join the Workland community?

After looking at many offices in Riga, Workland was the best option. They originally offered spacious desks, and quality service and the professional environment have been a big appeal. Many offices seemed to treat people like battery chickens, aiming to fit as many people as possible without considering people's welfare, the environment, and the fluctuating pandemic. Fingers crossed Workland will maintain this offer. 

Have you gained some meaningful contacts by joining the Workland community?

There are plenty of stimulating and exciting people to talk to and learn from at Workland.  

Do you see a possibility of collaborating with the Workland Baltic community?

Hopefully, I always see progression and success coming from collaborations. Community movements are always important in business, such as workplace co-operatives, new connections and business networking. 


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Workland narys Benediktas Gylys
Benediktas Gylys

Workland is a way to work without getting stuck between monotonous walls. Continuous movement inspires both creativity and your own mobility. I chose it for its accessibility by my favorite means of transportation - walking, the ability to change spaces, a professionally run administration, and a certain emotional connection to the space on Didžioji Street - once, when there was a cinema, my grandfather, whom I never got to know, worked here. Sometimes, climbing the stairs, I think he climbed them too.

Workland Didžioji