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Brand Dayz


Workland Verde


Can you tell us a little about the company? What does Brand Dayz do?

Brand Dayz is a creative, innovative design company. We create new brands, from the vision to the realization of the idea. The company provides a full range of concepts, including name creation, branding platform and graphics, design and production. Besides, we are experts in logistics and retail concepts. We are convinced that we should do our work in a friendly way to us and the planet. Our environmental policies and regulations are among the strictest in the business.

Why did Brand Dayz decide to join the Workland community?

Our decision to choose Workland was driven by the fact that we were a new and growing company that did not initially know how many employees would be needed to ensure the management process. Workland's solution offered us the flexibility to add new team members at any time, while providing a collaborative work environment.

Honestly, at first, I was not thrilled that the company would not have a separate office but would be in a coworking space. However, my attitude changed once I became part of the Workland community. Human factors played a role, as the unknown can be intimidating. On the contrary, there is a great environment to work in, responsive staff, and an opportunity to meet potential clients or partners over a coffee in shared spaces, which is great for business development.

How do Workland’s solutions meet the Brand Dayz team’s values?

As a company, we are focused on employee well-being and a work environment that motivates people to work rather than the other way around. And here it is! Both the friendly atmosphere of the Workland staff and the bright and modern spaces equipped with everything necessary for the company to operate successfully.

How would you describe the Workland community in three words? What are the first associations?

Friendliness - I highly appreciate that every morning I am greeted by the friendly/positive Workland team. Even if I come to work tired, it all stays behind once I cross the threshold of the Workland office.

Responsiveness - I have always received help and answers to all questions and requests, regardless of complexity. That is one of the top values of Workland.

Joy - I do not know how Workland does it, but my team and I are happy to come to work. There are probably many little and not-so-little things that the Workland employees put together for all the coworking space employees. The atmosphere created pays attention not only to the basic things necessary for the office environment but also to additional nuances, such as well-organized, interesting and exciting lectures on various topics from different industry specialists, movie nights, delicious breakfasts once a month, or even something as small as fresh flowers that liven up the space we are in.

How do you feel about the opportunity to work at the new Workland Verde office?

The overall feeling at Verde, the newly built office, is good, and we had the unique opportunity to choose the office before the walls were even built. However, it is difficult to compare the previous concept of the Workland Telegraph office and Workland Verde because we had a Dedicated Desk solution that was very suitable for those circumstances, but as the number of employees grew, we started to feel the need for a space that would be only for our employees. I would say that the Dedicated Desk area is more suitable for small teams.

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