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What kind of office do you need?


January 11th, 2021


The beginning of the year is a great time to set the goals and make plans for the 12 months ahead. If you haven’t managed to get around to it yet, check your schedule, and find some time. Setting goals, short or long term, will provide a clearer understanding of the business’s overall objective. Short-term goals can be considered the “stops along the way” to the larger goals and help keep an eye on the ball. It also gives our daily assignments a more defined meaning and helps us understand some decisions’ reasoning.

One of the topics you should consider to review is your team’s working routines and environment. Are you and your team members working in the office or do you prefer home offices?  Even though working at home is a new normal now, many people still prefer to go to the office, at least from time to time. Studies show that working partly from home and partly from the workplace is most effective as it gives people the autonomy to decide on how to manage their work tasks and merge it with their personal lives. 

Coming back to business goals, analyse how your business and team will develop over the year - do you need a larger office space or more flexible solutions? Compared with long-term office space rent, coworking centres and serviced offices, a growing trend around the globe, have a lot to offer. When considering making changes regarding the current office space, consider co-working spaces as they might have much more flexible, fuss-free and financially reasonable solutions. 

What are the main benefits to companies working in a coworking space?

Fuss-free, all-included service

When working from a coworking and serviced office centre, daily office worries fade away. You do not have to worry about the office equipment, and extras such as a kitchen, coffee-maker, printers, cleaning etc - workspace management is entirely arranged by the centres themselves.  The monthly fee usually covers all the utilities such as water, electricity and fast internet and the centres are furnished with desks and chairs. All you have to do is gather the team and focus on the business. When doing the math and calculating all the regular office costs, you might find the coworking much more financially reasonable.

Scalable spaces and rental time

Most of the coworking spaces offer flexible options for everybody, from freelancers to larger companies. When the team’s size changes, it is effortless to make adjustments by adding additional workplaces to the agreement or taking some off, when needed. 

In Workland, all three options offer a professional work environment at flexible terms.

  • Private offices are most suitable for teams who value privacy and prefer their own office with a possibility to network in common areas. The office spaces are fully furnished, lockable and available in different sizes. The office solution and the dedicated desk and hot desk described below also include a staffed reception and support services. 
  • Dedicated desk solution provides the comfort of having a workspace set up in a specific spot at the coworking area, so one could benefit from the synergy of working together in the open coworking area. It is the most suitable way of working for flexible, innovative businesses.
  • People with a hot desk arrangement have a  workspace in the open coworking area. It is suitable for those enjoying variety and would prefer a different desk to work each day. 

Networking and connection between the members are the key features of the coworking centres. Working in a coworking centre is one of the easiest ways to expand your business network. It allows you to meet people from very different industries - so you never quite know who you will meet - it can be your future client, advisor or maybe a new business partner. 

As most people working at the coworking space are also very driven, you will likely meet with people who have a mindset similar to yours and who might bring new ideas, inspiration and even solutions to your problems. When you are not sure about how to start the networking, read the networking tips here. Also, most of the centres arrange several professional and social events to learn something new and meet others. It is a good idea to join the event when weighing if coworking is a suitable solution for you or your team. Another great way to see if coworking space or serviced office solution is for you is to pop by and try it out for free. All Workland centres offer a free trial day!

What kind of work environment do you prefer for 2021? What are the main perks of working in a coworking space for you?
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