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What is a workation and do you need one?


September 23rd, 2022


A change of scenery can sometimes do wonders; it can help you learn about the world, feel inspired, meet new people, make new friends, and even bring your business to the next level.

When your work-life routine seems like one big hamster wheel, a workation can give you a fresh perspective on what matters most to you without sacrificing the security and stability of how you earn your living.

What is a workation, and how does it work? 

Simply put, a workation is a combination of work and vacation. Work and vacation might seem opposite at first, one usually excludes the other, but integration is possible. The idea is that you can take a break somewhere but continue to work as you do so.  

Do you need one? 

The answer is probably yes. If you are already a bit intrigued, it might be just the right thing to get over the post-summer blues. Going on a workation can help to manage your paid vacation time while also satisfying that travel itch. You can stay somewhere longer, escape the cold and dark times and enjoy slow travel without leaving your job. 

Hybrid work has opened up possibilities to work from anywhere for a wider group; it's not just for the digital nomads anymore. And having a workation doesn't mean leaving your normal life behind; you can take trips at any length as far as you're staying close to your time zone. This, of course, depends on how flexible the nature of your work is or how early or late you feel comfortable working.  

Workationing with the team 

When you're working with like-minded people, why not have a short workation with the whole team? Workland members from Vilnius and Kaunas have decided to change the scenery and travel together with the team to Tallinn. They used location hopping, one of the perks of Workland, which enables you to work from any Workland centre across the network in the Baltics. A great opportunity for team-building and bonding and for discovering new cities.  

For example, the whole Tribe Payments team came to Tallinn for a long weekend, meaning a couple of days of work at Workland Vabaduse in the Old Town and quite a bit of time to discover the city. We asked Rokas Vedluga, the marketing manager of Tribe Payments, to describe their experience. 

Tribe Payments team at Workland Vabaduse, photo by: Jane Sipelga
Tribe Payments team at Workland Vabaduse, photo by: Jane Sipelga

How was it? Would you recommend a workation for other teams?  

We loved it! Having the opportunity to work from any location is very special, and a workation in a foreign country gives you a unique chance to experience a new culture - and it's also great for employee motivation, knowing we're afforded this opportunity.  

During our visit to Tallinn, we had a great time exploring the city, meeting new people and team-building. We believe it also boosted productivity, as we knew that if the trip were successful, there'd be more of them in the future. 

We had a very good balance of work and 'play'; we bonded outside the formal office setting. The mix was so good, and we'd encourage others to drink this work 'cocktail' more often! 

A big thank you goes to Workland, which has a program that lets you work for a certain period of time from any of their offices. Their locations are amazing - right in the heart of city centres. 

What would you do differently next time? 

One thing we should not do again is to go on such a long-distance trip by bus; there are much more comfortable vehicles! Apart from that, the trip was perfect, and the next time we would take more workation days to have more time to explore the city and its surroundings. 

Are you planning any other workationing in the near future? Where would you go? 

We are definitely thinking about our next destination. We don't have anything specific in mind at the moment - usually, we improvise and decide quickly when we find the right tickets.  

Workland, keep up with opening new locations as our appetite is quickly growing 😉 

Tariq Chappell at Workland Telegraph, Riga
Tariq Chappell at Workland Telegraph, Riga

How about workationing on your own? 

Another excellent example of combining work and leisure comes from Riga. We were happy to welcome Tariq Chappell, a business development manager from Prague, to Workland Telegraph in Riga.  

How was your stay in Riga and the whole city experience?  

It completely exceeded my expectations. The city is amazing; I tried the Old Town and Alternate walking tours; the architecture is amazing, as well as the city parks and nearby Jūrmala beach – I visited it for a refreshing September swim. 

There are plenty of nice art & cultural places, great local cuisine. I also enjoyed a bit of the nightlife, and it all really impressed me. Most of all, the people have been extremely friendly and hospitable - offering directions and recommendations and even inviting me to events. 

Additionally to the stay in Riga, Tariq plans to visit a few more countries before the end of the year - Tallinn, Vilnius, and of course, Riga again. 

Would you recommend choosing Workland Telegraph as a workplace for others? 

Yes, 100%. Compared to others I've visited, I found the following: 

  • Amenities are expansive and useful. 

  • The office has a fun/cool layout and design; it's very clean, tidy and secure (access is controlled well). The Wi-Fi was excellent too.  

  • The staff is extremely professional, friendly and helpful.  

In summary, Workland Telegraph offers a great vibe that inspires creativity, fun, and collaboration. In addition, I noticed lots of knowledge sharing between companies and high productivity.

Networking at Workland Vabaduse, photo by: Jane Sipelga
Networking at Workland Vabaduse, photo by: Jane Sipelga

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