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100 People, One Week: How Toggl Found Their Perfect Temporary Office at Workland


July 4th, 2024


At Workland, we love offering dynamic and flexible workspaces for modern businesses. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Toggl’s team of 100 people for a week! Toggl is all about making work life easier with various tools, helping teams manage their time, projects, and hiring processes. As a remote-first company with team members all over the world, Toggl values flexibility and innovation—just like we do at Workland.

Curious about how a remote team of 100 people found the perfect office for a week? Dive into the unique work style of the Toggl team, discover their vibrant team culture, and see how their week-long gathering at Workland Maakri 25 unfolded. Find out what made their experience exceptional and why they love our coworking centre.

The remote-first team of Toggl.
The remote-first team of Toggl.

What does your company do?

At Toggl, we’re dedicated to making work life more efficient with our range of tools. We offer Toggl Track, which helps with time tracking, Toggl Plan for project planning, and Toggl Hire to streamline hiring processes. Our mission is to help teams manage their time, projects, and recruitment effectively, enabling them to work smarter and achieve more.

What work style prevails in your team?

We’re a remote-first company, meaning our team members work from all over the world. This setup allows everyone to choose their ideal work environment, whether it’s a cosy home office or a vibrant café. We believe this flexibility leads to a healthier work-life balance and a more motivated team. Trust and transparency are at the core of our culture, ensuring we stay connected and collaborative despite the physical distances.

How did the flexible office services at Workland enhance your team’s productivity during the week-long gathering, and what specific features did you find most beneficial for your operations?

Workland’s flexible office services really boosted our productivity during the meetup. The meeting rooms were well-equipped, the internet was fast, and the workspaces were super comfortable. Having private rooms for focused discussions and open areas for brainstorming sessions made our transition from remote to in-person work smooth and efficient. Plus, being close to various amenities and eateries helped us stay energised and focused throughout the day.

Workland Maakri 25 open office space.
Workland Maakri 25 open office space.

Can you share an example of how the flexible office layout and facilities at Workland Maakri 25 fostered collaboration and innovation among your 100 team members?

During our hackathon day, the flexible layout at Workland Maakri 25 was a huge advantage. Teams were able to spread out and engage in intense brainstorming sessions without any interruptions. We could rearrange the furniture to suit different group sizes and activities, which made our discussions and problem-solving sessions more dynamic and effective. This setup was especially beneficial for our engineering and product teams, who came up with some really innovative ideas. (And to be honest, during the whole week the flexible setup helped a lot!)

What were some of the unique challenges you faced in organising such a large team at Workland, and how did the Workland staff and services help you overcome these challenges effectively?

Organising a meetup for over 100 people is no small feat. One of the main challenges was ensuring smooth communication and efficient use of space. The Workland staff were fantastic—they helped set up meeting rooms, arranged necessary equipment like projectors and sound systems, and were quick to solve any technical issues that popped up. Their proactive approach streamlined the whole process, minimising delays and maximising our productive time.

Three words that best describe your experience at Workland?

Collaborative, Efficient, Supportive.

Private meeting rooms at Workland Maakri 25.
Private meeting rooms at Workland Maakri 25.

Hosting Toggl's team event at Workland was a fantastic experience for both our team and theirs. The flexibility and functionality of our workspaces provided the perfect environment for Toggl’s productive and collaborative week-long gathering. From well-equipped meeting rooms to comfortable workspaces, our facilities supported Toggl's diverse activities and enhanced their overall experience. We’re thrilled to have played a part in their success and look forward to welcoming more innovative teams like Toggl!

Ready to elevate your team’s productivity and collaboration? Discover how Workland’s flexible office solutions can benefit your business. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a visit!

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