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Tribe Payments

Tribe Payments



Tribe Payment is an innovative team, located in the Workland G9 office in Vilnius. They are a payment technology company offering modular, future-ready software for fintech and banks.

What does your company do?

We are a payment technology company offering modular, future-ready software for fintech and banks.

What are the biggest joys & wins today?

Although we're a startup, we're fast-growing. For example, our team grew 42% to 142 employees this year, which is an amazing achievement for us. And we aren't going to slow down any time soon; our ambition to grow is huge.

An extensive range of clients, including well-known names like eToro, are continuing to sign up to work with Tribe. This makes us really proud of what we are doing and indicates that we are moving in the right direction.

What is your field of expertise?

Sometimes we get really interesting questions like "What would be the fastest and cheapest way to do an international money transfer?", "Will cryptocurrency values keep growing?", "What is NFT, and do I have to buy one?", "How can we do KYC properly to reduce our risk?" etc.

 Since we work with payments, we have gained a lot of experience in these areas, and we're very happy to share our knowledge.

What work style prevails in your team? 

We have noticed that flexibility is what employees really want. So, after the first wave of covid, we have implemented hybrid work, including workcations. 

However, flexibility is essential in many aspects related to employees, so we also have flexible benefits packages and team building budgets to meet that need.

How do Workland's solutions meet your team's expectations?

We love the locations and the ability to work from any of them. That totally fits our flexible work philosophy. Another thing - diversity in the workplace means we can easily work together in one space or have a private one for a meeting or solo work.

Why did you choose Workland?

Flexibility, startup vibe and ability to meet and share experiences with other people. 

3 words that best describe your experience at Workland?

Flexibility. Networking. Location.

What kind of businesses and companies would you encourage to choose solutions for fully serviced offices, coworking spaces at Workland as well?

Coworking spaces are an amazing fit for startups because of the flexibility and networking opportunities. Even for bigger teams, it fits very well, especially if most of their work is done with just a computer and phone. So we encourage businesses to try coworking spaces to extend their existing offices.


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