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Meet Nigel Goodman from our Vabaduse location

Nigel runs a company called Gaea. “Gaea was established in the UK in 1994 as a consultancy, so I’m the oldest start-up in Estonia!” explains Nigel, who moved to Estonia from Sweden, tired of its "oh-so-slow bureaucracy". He chose Estonia after reading about our digital economy and the ease of starting a company. Coming to scope out Tallinn he found a good vegan community and joined a Climate LaunchPad Team the same weekend.

“Gaea OÜ is a full-service CRO in all Europe and Ukraine with partners in Australia and USA. A CRO means doing the work on national regulatory, ethics, hospital contracts and preparation of each hospital team for a specific clinical trial. Gaea’s team is located in Ukraine and with local clinical trial resources wherever a trial is being run. 

Nigel also works for a Swedish pharmaceutical company, where since downsizing he is Head of Clinical Development. “All of my working life I've been in healthcare, which I see as illness care as we don’t pay enough attention to disease prevention, and it’s another reason I'm a no-junk food vegan,” explains Nigel that veganism is not a diet, it’s a way of life.  

He has his own non-profit that takes care of abandoned animals (cats and chickens) in the UK, and a beach cleanup organization called People for the Sea that involves mainly Erasmus students. He also helped to build the Community Garden in Mustamäe.

Nigel dreams about starting his own non-dairy milk business and dreams about travelling to Italy to save the abandoned pigs there. Being vegan, helping out people and animals, also cleaning the beaches, are just basic things for Nigel for making this planet a better place.

How did you discover Workland?

“I was looking for coworking space and a flexible solution. I felt it wasn’t reasonable to rent an office for myself, so I decided to use Workland’s great hot-desk possibility. I like the quality and I can host my clients here too.

Why Workland Vabaduse?

"I like high-quality premises and service here. Besides that, the most important thing is data security. Workland would pass the physical and data security needs of my industry."

What are three words that describe your experience at Workland?

“It’s very good!” (laughing) “Like it here”.

What other types of businesses would you encourage to move into Workland?

"Anyone who would like to work remotely or in a coworking space, who needs data protection, secure network, safety, community events and a nice environment."



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