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Workland opinion published in Äripäev


June 6th, 2016


Workland had another opportunity to provide an opinion on serviced office values in Estonian business news Äripäev. Comparing the collaborative economy services on the market like Airbnb to traditional hotels. Bringing out the value people receive in hotels versus accommodation taken via Airbnb. Airbnb can bring competitive pricing in hospitality, but cannot always compete with the service level and quality received in hotels. Airbnb provides an alternative to the traditional hotel service and location opportunities, but you have to manage everything on your own, whereas hotels give you the chance to spend time on yourself and enjoy your time. Same principle can be reflected on serviced offices, where people can concentrate only on their own work, spending the productive time to bring value to their own business. The management of the premises with a complete support is taken care of by the service provider. The value in a fully serviced office is greater than the price, which can be hard to realize at a first glance.

You can find the original article here - Äripäev

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