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Workland Makes Strategic Entry into Finland with Acquisition of Three Workery+ Locations in Helsinki


July 31st, 2023


Workland, a leading serviced office and coworking solutions provider, announced today the acquisition of three Workery+ locations in Helsinki and Espoo: Workery+ Esplanadi, Workery+ Keilaniemi, and Workery+ Teurastamo. This marks Workland's first expansion into the New Nordics region, signifying the company's ambition to extend its presence beyond the Baltics and offer more opportunities for its members.  

The acquisition of the Workery+ locations will allow Workland to provide its members with the added advantage of location hopping across the Workland network, now including Helsinki, Espoo, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, and Kaunas. This expansion means more opportunities for networking, collaboration, and expansion of business horizons for its members. 

Indrek Hääl, Founder and CEO of Workland, said, “Entering the Finnish market is a significant milestone for Workland. With a metro area population of 1.34 million, Helsinki is a substantial market that's nearly 14 times larger than Tartu (the second city of Estonia), yet just as close to us. Therefore, the choice for our next expansion city was very logical and serves as a door to the Nordic market entry.  

Indrek Hääl, Founder & CEO, Workland
Indrek Hääl, Founder & CEO, Workland

Looking ahead, we are actively exploring new projects and acquisition opportunities in other Nordic countries as part of our ongoing commitment to growth and providing our members with an expansive, dynamic network. We plan to add additional 1000 workstations by the end of 2025.”  

With the added three locations in Helsinki metropolitan area, Workland group offers flexible working space to up to 3000 people, and its annual revenue will rise by over 10 million euros. 

“This acquisition comes at a time when the flexible office market in Europe is experiencing robust growth, with a projected annual growth of over 10%. The rise of small and medium-sized businesses and the shift towards flexible working practices are driving this growth, and we are excited to be part of this dynamic landscape. By welcoming Workery+ members to the Workland family, we are not only expanding our network but also providing more opportunities for businesses to thrive in this evolving work environment.” Hääl added.

New Workland Keilaniemi in Espoo
New Workland Keilaniemi in Espoo

“In line with our strategy, YIT focuses on its core business of construction and urban development and seeks ways to operate more efficiently. Workland is well positioned to continue to develop the Workery+ business as part of their leading coworking operations in the Baltic countries and can offer the best path forward for customers and employees. I want to thank our team for their dedication and hard work at Workery+,” said Timo Lehmus, SVP, Real Estate Development, YIT.

Workland is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all Workery+ members, with all existing agreements to be transferred to Workland. The current staff at the Workery+ locations will continue at Workland, ensuring continuity and support for members. 

New Workland Teurastamo in Helsinki's Kalasatama region
New Workland Teurastamo in Helsinki's Kalasatama region

About Workland 

Workland is a leading serviced office and coworking solutions provider with a strong presence in the Baltic region. The Workland network consists of 16 locations in Helsinki, Espoo, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Kaunas. 

Workland's mission is to offer inspiring workspaces with professional services, flexible terms and a community that supports business growth. 

The largest shareholder of Workland is BaltCap, the largest private equity investor in the Baltics, along with the company's founder and executive management. 

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