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Workland is opening the greenest coworking centre in Riga


May 12th, 2022


Workland, a leading flexible office space provider, is expanding its network in the Baltics and is opening soon the greenest coworking centre, Workland Verde, in the Verde A-class building in Riga. Plans for the year include also opening additional centres in Vilnius and Tallinn.

Modern and refreshing coworking space

“We’ve been planning to expand our network of flexible office spaces in Riga for quite some time now. When the opportunity arose to create a coworking centre in the greenest office building Verde, we saw the match of our values regarding sustainability and human-centric working environment and decided to move forward,” comments Indrek Hääl, the Founder and CEO of Workland, the choice of the location. 

“Workland Verde represents a refreshingly modern concept in coworking - the greenest and most accessible office space we could come up with in Riga. It’s a great addition to Workland Telegraph located in the Old town. We believe that it's all about forgetting all the old archaic notions that a place to work is just a room with desks and chairs and long-term contracts. The future of office spaces is flexible. We have never before seen such an increase in demand for innovative, employee-centric, and inspiring work solutions as now. The waiting list is long, especially for smaller offices accommodating 2-10 people” says Hääl

Verde - greenest offices in Riga
Verde - greenest offices in Riga

Flexible office solutions

In 2022 Workland plans 40 per cent growth in the Baltic market, providing over 7000 m2 of office space for lease on flexible terms. Altogether, 750 workstations will be set up in the three countries. Workland will open its centre in Verde this autumn.

Workland is taking the whole second floor of the Verde office complex and is turning it into an inspiring and functional coworking centre. There will be private offices of various sizes as well as coworking zones, open areas and meeting rooms to support everybody's working style. The centre will accommodate around 180 people and is designed to keep community and flexibility in the focus. “Hybrid work is becoming a prevailing style for many companies, and in Workland centres, it’s easy to scale up or down depending on how the team and its needs are changing,” explains Hääl.

Workland will open coworking centre in Verde this autumn
Workland will open coworking centre in Verde this autumn

The greenest office building inside out

Verde is an outstandingly green, Class A office building in Riga's Skanste district. Verde has been designed with one goal in mind — to improve the well-being and productivity of its residents. According to the latest research, relaxing terraces, greenery, state-of-the-art air ventilation systems, intelligent lighting, smart layouts, various amenities and other solutions are scientifically proven to boost well-being and productivity.

“In Workland Verde, we will offer a number of smaller offices and there's an open planned coworking area so that teams of all sizes can work in a supportive environment. All offices, small and large, will have a lot of natural light, original interior solutions and modern, bright design. Additionally to the space at Workland, all members are welcome to use the sports facilities located in the building and a huge terrace on the 5th floor.” comments Agnese Pidrika, ​​manager of Workland’s fully-serviced offices and coworking centres in Latvia.

Iveta Lāce, Verde Commercial Director; Igor Beloborodov, Workland COO and Agnese Pidrika, Workland centers manager in Latvia
Iveta Lāce, Verde Commercial Director; Igor Beloborodov, Workland COO and Agnese Pidrika, Workland centers manager in Latvia

Iveta Lāce, Verde Commercial Director, says: “While planning the range of the Verde complex’s additional services, we knew from the start that there must be coworking opportunities here. We are therefore glad that Workland, one of the industry’s leaders in the Baltics, will be providing this service here. Experience shows that a lease of coworking space at this centre is a good launchpad for startups, small or bigger corporates that later grow larger rapidly. Swiss telecommunications and software developer Swisscom is a great example of this – as it started operations in Latvia, it leased workspaces at the Workland Telegraph centre in Riga Old City but has now become our anchor tenant. We hope that this success story will motivate young entrepreneurs to work at the newly created coworking centre, and who knows – perhaps in some time we will sit down for talks to seek more spacious premises for them at the Verde complex”.

Hybrid work is becoming the dominant style in many companies, which is why the Workland Verde centre will be developed so that it could easily ensure the adjustability of premises depending on changes in the tenants’ team or their needs. It will introduce the most advanced and environmentally friendly coworking office concept in Riga, designed by Lauder Architects.

Network of Workland Offices

Workland Group is the largest network of coworking spaces in the Baltics now with 13 centres, two in Riga - Workland Telegraph and Workland Verde, five in Tallinn, five in Vilnius and one in Kaunas

The largest shareholder of Workland is BaltCap, the largest private equity investor in the Baltics, along with the company's founder and executive management.

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