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Workland expands coworking centre at Verde office complex by almost 50%


October 19th, 2023


Workland Verde is currently located on the 2nd floor of Verde building complex, the expansion will increase the total space to 2200 m2 and will cover part of the 3rd floor.
The layout and design of the new space will feature the most sought-after solutions for private offices with 1 to 4 workstations, as well as cosy common areas, including meeting rooms equipped with modern technology, smaller rooms for individual meetings and videocalls, a lounge and a dining area.

"Our decision to expand at Verde is multi-faceted," says Indrek Hääl, Founder and CEO of Workland. "From its strategic location to its eco-friendly amenities, Verde offers the ideal environment for our growing clientele. In light of the current economic trends, where companies are downsizing traditional offices and seeking more flexible options, our expansion is timely. It's not just about offering a space; it's about fostering a community. In a world where remote work is becoming the norm, the sense of community that Workland provides is more crucial than ever. We're not just scaling square footage; we're scaling opportunities for connection and collaboration." The expansion of Workland in Verde is already generating significant interest, with close to half of the new spaces prebooked ahead of completion.

Verde Commercial Director and Board Member Iveta Lāce: “If somebody would ask me why I recommend a new or small company to become a member of Workland Verde coworking centre, I would say that is because I have been a client of this company for almost a year! It is a very inspiring and functional environment where you can not only work productively, but also make new business contacts. Furthermore, it has a great atmosphere as anyone who wishes can bring their dog to work. In addition, air quality is excellent here at Workland offices as they, just like at those of all other Verde tenants, are equipped with the most innovative ventilation systems. That is why I am confident that the new Workland Verde coworking centre will also be in high demand.” 

At the moment, most of the private offices and at least half of the co-working areas at the first Workland Verde centre have been rented out. The company's client base is very broad, including, but not limited to, financial experts, new energy companies, lawyers, designers,

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