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Why big corporations are moving into coworking spaces?


February 9th, 2022


More and more managers of large, well-established enterprises or international companies are considering moving their offices to coworking centres. What are the benefits coworking and fully-serviced business centres are bringing for them? The answer is simple: optimisation of costs and time spent on office tasks, zero investment in the office and its infrastructure, flexibility and rapid adaptation, and, of course, representativeness.


1. Costs

Larger companies find that workplace flexibility and hybrid work benefits employees and businesses. Using a hybrid work model, one can rent a smaller office and cut down financial costs as fully serviced offices allow employees to rotate within the same office. Yet nobody has to compromise on space as the whole team can use additional space such as lounges, meeting rooms and common areas. According to Laura Panovienė, manager of Workland's fully-serviced offices and coworking centres in Lithuania, hybrid work became especially popular at the beginning of the pandemic. Still, it remained popular even after relaxing the work-from-home recommendations. "Employees enjoy more flexibility and better life-work balance as they are free to choose when to spend more time with family and work from home, and when to concentrate as much as possible on office work or just change the environment. Employers have noticed increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and cost savings caused by choosing flexible, fully-serviced office solutions that optimise rental space."

Laura Panovienė


2. Time

Another aspect is time. It is not for nothing that it is said to be the most expensive currency because it is simply impossible to buy it. "Well, we sometimes joke that Workland not only provides offices but also sells the time that you would otherwise spend on all the office tasks if you choose a standard office lease: coordination of cleaning services and maintenance of the premises, coffee machine maintenance, correspondence management, internet provider, resolving any daily issues, etc. It is Workland that takes care of all these tasks and more that we sometimes do not even think about before renting the premises," says Laura Panovienė. 

True, Workland takes care of the great well-being of employees in the office, organises events - both social, entertaining and professional, educational, and helps establish new professional relationships between companies and professionals.


3. Investments


When choosing a new home for your business and team, investing in an office and its infrastructure is essential. It is important to notice two trends here. Firstly, when the labour market develops in a way that every employee and their retention is crucial, one of the priorities for every business is to offer the best and most comfortable workplace for the team. 

Secondly, the situation in any country can change drastically within days; thus, long-term investment in office space can be risky. Therefore, one of the safest options today is to choose an already fully equipped and serviced office, which provides comfort, stylish interior, all the necessary services and even additional benefits, activities for employees, community events, networking possibilities and so on.


Workland Didzioji 18 _ originalus dydis 38


4. Flexibility

In terms of flexibility, coworking spaces and fully-serviced offices adapt perfectly to the needs of any business. For example, would there be a sudden change in the size of the team, the launch of a new project that requires an entirely separate office (or maybe a podcast studio) or a planned event, it's easy to adapt and book a suitable solution from a wide range of conference rooms and other event spaces. Furthermore, Workland contracts can last from a day to a month or several weeks, months or years, ensuring absolute flexibility and risk reduction in your business. According to L. Panovienė, in the rapidly changing business world, a fast adaptation to the changing circumstances and dynamics is especially valued. "We already have quite many examples of businesses growing rapidly; they simply don't have enough space in their permanent offices and thus choose Workland solutions, where their office space can expand together with the team."


Workland Maakri 19-models 41 (1)


5. Representativeness

Finally, representativeness. One way or another, it will always remain relevant to any business or enterprise. An office, an address in the city centre or the Old Town always leaves a good impression, even if it is just a business registration address without an actual office (also called a virtual office service). Well, additionally to the great location, of course, the inspiring design, modern environment and helpful staff at the reception is a great bonus. "All Workland offices and coworking centres are located in prestigious locations. In Lithuania, Gediminas Avenue and City Hall Square, Konstitucijos Avenue in Vilnius, Laisvės Alley in Kaunas. Also, central or Old Town locations in Tallinn and Riga. It creates comfort to our members working in a permanent chosen location and to those who use the opportunity to work in any other Workland location - we provide such location hopping opportunity to all Workland members," says L. Panovienė.


Workland provides flexible fully-serviced offices and coworking spaces in Vilnius, Kaunas, Riga and Tallinn.

See more and ask for an offer – from 1 to 50 and more working stations in private offices.


Author: Aistė Maldaikienė.

Photo courtesy: Paulius Peleckis,, Leonas Garbačiauskas.

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