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Workland is opening a new office center in Vilnius, inspired by sports yachts and human strength


August 29th, 2022

Workland Burės centras

Workland, the largest operator of fully serviced offices and coworking spaces in the Baltic States, will open the doors of its 5th centre in Vilnius in October of 2022. The newest location is Vilnius business district, business centre "3 Burės", located at 25 Lvivo Street. The premises are currently being fitted out. 

The "3 Burės" office complex was chosen due to its particularly good location, which meets all the Workland location selection criteria: the building is easily recognizable, easy to find, and excellent communication with both public and private transport. The building is surrounded by a multifunctional environment - even two shopping centres, many restaurants, and state institutions. 

Even more functionality and comfort for business 

"The new centre "Workland Burės" will have a colourful and bright design, with a lot of natural daylight - each office will have large windows, through which the colourful panoramas of the central part of Vilnius will open. As in every Workland centre, we will have a spacious kitchen with all equipment, a place for community informal events, and quiet coworking spaces. The aim is to separate workspaces where it is easy to concentrate and work productively, from entertainment and leisure spaces where community events take place. We have installed more than usual meeting rooms and chat booths in this centre because we see the need for it is increasing. Since this is already the sixth location in Lithuania, we try to enrich each new location with our knowledge and experience," says Laura Panovienė, head of "Workland" centres in Lithuania. 

„Workland“ centre manager in Lithuania Laura Panovienė
„Workland“ centre manager in Lithuania Laura Panovienė

Markas Grinevičius, head of the architectural team "NOARCHITECTS", which is creating the interior for this centre, says that the aim of the design is to create an office that meets the changing needs of the user. After the pandemic, people want to return to offices that are best suited for work - where they can concentrate or find a comfortable space to take a break, where there is more space than at home. In the office, people don't want to be distracted by noise, so special attention is paid to ergonomics and comfort - says architect Markas Grinevičius, who creates interiors for Workland spaces. 

Design inspired by sports yachts and human strength 

According to M. Grinevičius, the design of "Workland Burės" was inspired by the "Vendée Globe" recluse regatta, which flies around the world, demonstrating the inspiring strength of a person, the strength of character and motivation. 

"When designing the interior of the new Workland centre, we thought about the members of this community, who reminded us of the captains of sports yachts - strong personalities with exceptional qualities in various professional fields. Therefore, in the interior, we created associations with the yachts of the participants in sports races: we combined synthetic and natural materials, and bright technical elements reminiscent of the details of a sports yacht. This is how we combined a high-tech environment with elegance, assurance with inspiration. The materials were also selected taking into account people's needs - to be pleasant to the touch, durable and reflect the feeling of a quality environment," says Markas Grinevičius about the design of "Workland Burės". 

"NOARCHITECTS" architects team

"Functionality, flexibility, motivating environment - this is a great value for both Workland members and tenants of the surrounding buildings, who will be able to easily use the services provided by this coworking space, for example - meeting rooms with video conferencing equipment, temporary workplaces or office rentals for a short period. Workland is open to the entire international community of this network as well as to external clients. We believe that the emergence of such a service centre in the centre of "3 Burės" will add value to the surrounding offices as well."

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