Read or not to read? 16 books to read in 2020

How many books did you read in 2019? As much as you planned or desired? Is there a long list or high pile of next-reads by your beside? In the United States, typical American has read four books in the past 12 months. Do you read more or less? We believe that reading has various benefits starting from expanding our knowledge, teaching us new tips and tricks while taking us to exciting journeys around the globe.

Several studies emphasize the benefits of reading. For example, regular reading can increase your brainpower as it improves your memory function. According to Huffington Post, exercising brain (eg. via reading) lowers mental decline later in life by 32 per cent. Its probably no surprise, but reading books also has a positive influence on stress – a study by Sussex Univerisity proved that reading could reduce stress by as much as 68 per cent and slow reading helps with concentration. Another research tells that reading is helping to fluid our intelligence, as well as our comprehension and emotional intelligence. 

The benefits of reading are significant. Having a daily or weekly reading routine might have a substantial influence on your stress-level and overall well-being. 

What are the books to read in 2020? 

There are thousands of books to choose from and sometimes looking for the one can take up so much time as reading one! Workland community members from Lithuania and Estonia have recommended 16 headlines providing insight and inspiration for developing professional skills as well as feeding our mind and health. 

Book suggestions related to professional life
    Recommended headlines about mind and health
    Other Interesting reads

    Some of the titles will soon be available on Workland’s bookshelves. We hope you find your next exciting read from the recommendations!

    FYI, if you are thinking about learning a new language or improve the language-skills, consider reading a book in a foreign language – it helps with learning a new word in context as well as with speaking and writing. 

    Happy reading!