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One of the perks of Workland - Free legal advice


September 20th, 2022


Questions requiring legal knowledge usually pop up suddenly and are urgent in their nature. Whether the question is personal or business-related, it's always great to have someone to contact in such matters. 

Workland has teamed up with Hedman Law Firm to offer free* legal advice for all Workland members. It doesn't matter if you are a freelancer, a start-up, or a more established company; everybody needs legal help from time to time. Sometimes a one-on-one discussion with the expert is just the thing to move forward in compliance with the law.  

What are the topics to discuss? 

According to Kati Pino, Senior Associate at Hedman Law Firm, the topics vary. "When a company sets up a new website or goes over marketing activities, questions about the cookie policy, terms and conditions,  and GDPR rules may arise. And it's better to talk them through with a professional than to spend time and energy on inventing the wheel. Not to mention that it can become costly in the future if you are trying to do it on your own without fully knowing what you are doing." 

Hedman has helped numerous start-ups with the founders' agreements, already established companies with acquisition-related issues, and knows everything about blockchain & crypto.  

"Of course, we help people with a wide range of issues that require legal expertise - there are no stupid questions," adds Pino. 

Kati Pino, Senior Associate at Hedman Law Firm. Photo: Mardo Männimägi
Kati Pino, Senior Associate at Hedman Law Firm. Photo: Mardo Männimägi

Members who have used Hedman's services describe the complimentary service as a perfect way to get a quick answer for an urgent topic. Meriliis Raidma, the sales manager of Workland, describes the experience as easy and convenient, "the only cost is the time, and that is also well-managed, you don't have to go anywhere, it's easy to set a zoom-call and talk to the right person. No need for long back-and-forth e-mailing."  

Hedman is an experienced next-generation law firm for technology-driven and digital businesses. Working closely with companies, entrepreneurs, government officials, and investors within the technology sector has made Hedman one of the leading law firms with the most professional expert team in the technology sector. Hedman does not shy away from new ventures involving any new technology, be it crypto, blockchain, or web3, but is equally adept at covering all aspects of traditional law.

Hedman's team is particularly competent in fundraising, corporate law, M&A, data protection and privacy, intellectual property, blockchain regulation, emerging technologies, and the relocation of businesses (inter alia stock flips).

* Legal advice from Hedman Law Firm is available for all Workland members, with the first 2h being complimentary and the following at a discounted rate.

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