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Is your company eligible for Remote Work Badge?


May 15th, 2020


This spring has had an incredible impact on the ways we work. Just within few weeks hundreds of companies reorganised their daily operations to keep the distance and work from home. Until this point, many companies perceived remote work as something “extra” – a bonus to a trusted team-members, something that the Millennials would prefer or way of working when one was sick at home. Now we all know that working from home or anywhere else besides the regular office is 100% possible, it just requires a clear overview of tasks, disciplined mindset and trust from your teammates and managers. Hollis Kool from modern work platform Miro believes that the current remote work trend is driving serious economic, urban development, and demographic change. It’s increasing environmental sustainability, social mobility, cultural inclusion, and much more.

 Remote work – not just a temporary solution

 Ave Laas, the manager of Smart Work Association in Estonia says that by last year the number of employees who worked remotely had tripled compared to the data from 2010. „I am sure the circumstances of this spring will lead to an explosion in the number of companies who are discovering the opportunities and perks of working in flexible ways.” She adds that it is important to understand that remote working shouldn’t be a temporary solution, rather a normal part of everyday life. “I hope that many organisations, who have had the first taste of remote work, will keep it going later on.”

Remote work does not mean only working from home, it could also mean working from a coffee-shop or a coworking space nearby. Coworking spaces operate as hubs of productivity and community with professional amenities and opportunities to meet people from various fields. For people whose teams are located in other cities, coworking in a hub helps them to be connected and part of a group. For some a dedicated desk at one space is perfect, another prefers a short term hot desk solution to work at different locations. Working from a coworking space also helps to keep the balance between work and personal life.

Remote Work Badge companies implementing modern ways of working

To give recognition to companies implementing remote work methods and to share experiences, Smart Work Association, Elisa Eesti and Estonian Human Resource Management Association PARE together with Workland invite companies to apply for a Remote Work Badge that is handed out to remote work friendly companies in Estonia. To take part, a company is required to fill in a simple questionnaire. The badge is valid for three years and is a valuable perk in recruiting talents preferring flexible work life.

In addition, companies are welcomed to point out the managers who cultivate the remote work mindset in the organisations. Kaija Teemägi from Elisa Eesti comments that managers have a key role in implementing remote work. „We see it in regular times as well as in today’s changed situations. Organisations, who are able to rearrange the work processes in a fast and flexible way are adjusting to changes and vagaries much better. To do that, a company has to have a strong foundation, built on a right mindset and trusting relationships with employees,” she adds.

In the previous three years, Remote Work Badge has been handed out to 120 companies in Estonia including private and public institutions such as Proekspert, Transferwise Ltd Estonia office, Bolt, SEB, Swedbank, Tax and Customs Board, Ministry of Internal Affairs etc.

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