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How your personal brand could support your business


January 4th, 2022

Evelin Org - Workland Vabaduse

The world has become human-centred, and companies are looking for personalities and value creators. However, the company’s real value lies not only in its assets, know-how and experiences, but equally important is the image of your company, its owners, managers and employees in the heads of your potential and existing customers, i.e. the brand. A strong personal brand is used to strengthen the business brand and create authentic relationships with customers, partners and employees.

The rules of the game have changed, and your first priority should be that you are where the game is going on. And you need to know what the rules of the game are. Every employee influences the opinion about the employer as a brand, but understandably, the most significant influence have the company’s owners, founders, gm, and investors. Branding starts with the decision-makers, their beliefs, attitudes, values and goals. These determine the content and show the direction.

How strong is your personal brand?

The more successful you want your business to be, the more important personal branding becomes. In today’s digital society, this is no longer an option to be overlooked, and it needs to be marketed just like your products and services. Those with a clearer, more memorable, distinctive and stronger brand will win. It is not a question any longer whether it becomes imperative for your business, but when. Those who jump on the train now and do not wait for the train to pass them at full speed will definitely enjoy greater advantages. The alternative you can choose is whether to run after the train or be left behind completely. 

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Many people would say that it is absolute madness to keep on doing the same thing, time after time, expecting to get a different result or for something different to happen.

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