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From Shared Spaces to Shared Success: Hundred Agency's Journey at Workland


December 7th, 2023


Embark on an inspiring journey as we sit down with Hundred Agency for an insightful conversation on their two-year anniversary at Workland Offices. Renowned for crafting cutting-edge advertising campaigns and innovative solutions entwined with social media and digital approaches, Hundred Agency's work is a fusion of inventive ideas, state-of-the-art technologies, and insightful data.

In this exclusive interview, we explore the magic of coworking, successful collaborations, and the transformative experiences that have shaped Hundred Agency's remarkable story within the vibrant community of Workland. Grab a cup of coffee and dive into their story!

In your two years at Workland Offices, how has the proximity to other businesses within the center contributed to successful collaborations or partnerships for Hundred Agency? 

There truly is something magical about coworking spaces. It has opened up various opportunities, from collaborating with neighboring businesses to presenting at Marketing Meetup.

The moment you step into the office, you feel like you are part of a large company with many departments and a diverse range of high-level skills.

Coworking at Workland Vabaduse
Coworking at Workland Vabaduse

Can you share an example of a project where collaborating with a neighboring business in Workland Offices proved particularly advantageous?

The most recent project, and the one we are still working on, is for the Labour Inspectorate. We won their tender and we’re collaborating with a PR agency that is also operating in Workland. Working in the same building makes collaboration much more efficient, as we can discuss smaller things on the go.

Are there specific features of the Workland setting that you find especially conducive to creative and collaborative work?

For us, workspace plays a significant role. Before coming here, we worked both from a home office and a café. At Workland, you have both: there's a lounge area that is bustling with a cozy café-like atmosphere, and a desk area that resembles more of a home office. Depending on your mood, you can choose where to work.

Also, the diverse backgrounds of individuals working at Workland enrich the environment. Having your morning coffee and asking someone in a different field for advice can ignite valuable insights and pave the way for innovative solutions.

And, of course, we need to thank our lovely office dogs as well. The presence of these happy, friendly, and adorable dogs in the office not only makes the day much better, but also keeps the playful and creative juices flowing.

The Chief Happiness Officer at Workland
The Chief Happiness Officer at Workland

The presence of these happy, friendly, and adorable dogs in the office not only makes the day much better, but also keeps the playful and creative juices flowing.

In terms of team size changes, how has the flexibility of Workland’s office solutions allowed Hundred Agency to adapt without disruption to your operations?

Flexible contracts and short notice periods are crucial for micro-enterprises. Otherwise, when renting an office space, long-term leases with, for example, a 6-month termination notice period must be signed. At Workland, you only need to inform the office assistant if something changes, and they take care of everything else.

Additionally, you can also put the contract on hold. If you unexpectedly decide to work somewhere under the palm trees for the next month, you can pause the contract without providing a lengthy explanation. The contract remains active, but you don't have to pay for the service during that time.

Workland is known for hosting various events. How have the events such as Better Breakfasts, Marketing Meetups, and After Work gatherings benefited Hundred Agency, both professionally and socially?

This creates a great opportunity to start communication. Often, the best ideas emerge in a relaxed atmosphere. At these events, we’ve created both delightful friendships, as well as partnerships.

Furthermore, you can appear as a speaker at these events, and share your skills and knowledge with others. In addition to increasing visibility, Workland assists with organizational and marketing activities.

Egert Tüll, CEO of Hundred Agency at Workland Fahle
Egert Tüll, CEO of Hundred Agency at Workland Fahle

As a presenter at a Marketing Meetup, how did participating in such events contribute to your company’s visibility and networking opportunities?

Yes, our copywriter spoke about OpenAI as a new colleague for creative workers. It certainly helped with engagement. When later we participated in another marketing event, people approached us and recognized us from that talk.

Can you share an example of a situation where the ability to work from different locations enhanced your team’s overall efficiency?

The most important aspect is saving time. If we know that we will have a meeting in a specific district of the town, we can spend the whole day working in the center closest to that location. This can save up to an hour of commuting time, which translates into an hour of time to work effectively.

You can find Hundred Agency working from Workland Vabaduse
You can find Hundred Agency working from Workland Vabaduse

For our readers who might not be familiar, could you provide a brief overview of what Hundred Agency specializes in and some notable projects or achievements since you joined Workland Offices? 

We are an adaptive digital marketing agency, focused on delivering client-centric solutions for branding, campaigns, and digital marketing strategies. Our mission is to transform businesses into winning brands that resonate with diverse generations.

Since we joined Workland Offices, we have collaborated with clients both from Estonia and abroad, working with companies that have been on the market for 20 years, as well as with startups.

Looking ahead, how does Hundred Agency envision its continued growth and collaboration within the Workland community? Are there specific goals or projects on the horizon?

Our goal is to grow one hundred percent in terms of the number of employees. Additionally, we feel that now is the right time to start pursuing awards by submitting our work to competitions. We are super excited about the new year. Let's see where it will take us.

Egert and Maibritt from Hundred Agency
Egert and Maibritt from Hundred Agency

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to other businesses considering Workland Offices as their workspace solution, especially in terms of maximizing collaboration, flexibility, and overall success?

Whether you're working alone or have a multi-member team, working in a coworking space is always more productive. Here, you never feel alone, and you're sure to also make new like-minded friends. The more proactive you are in this community, the more you will gain. A trial day is free, so there's no reason not to give it a try.

As Hundred Agency envisions a future filled with growth and exciting projects within the Workland community, their story unfolds as a testament to the boundless possibilities that coworking offers. With collaboration, flexibility, and community at its core, the journey continues to unfold, promising new heights in the coming year.

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