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7 tools to boost your productivity


September 3rd, 2019


Within the workspace itself, there are hundreds of tools to use to boost your productivity to the max. We share seven tools we love in our everyday work.

Project management

  • Asana is the tool for you if you are into to-do lists (with subtasks). If needed, you can sync it also for your all team members and it works on a similar way as a popular project management tool Trello. With Asana, everyone has a clear overview of an ongoing project, it is clear who is taking care of what task, and it avoids people working on the same tasks. All told, it saves time and helps to keep your focus in the long run.

Time management

  • Toggle helps you keep track of the time you spent on your projects – you can track your own time or build a joint plan for the team. The tool provides you with valuable information about the time you and your team spent on different tasks and helps out when budgeting for future projects. Also, the entries can be easily used for invoicing. It is also an excellent self-discipline tool – if you haven’t managed to mark down any work hours by 2 pm, you probably need to get going.

Communication management

  • Slack is a great app to manage your team communications. Nowadays, when more people are working on different projects, each group seems to have a separate tool for daily communications – Fleep, Skype, Messenger… Slack is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives for freelancers and also for teams. You can manage all the discussions for various projects from one platform – join different workspaces and have multiple channels for different topics. It is integrated with a project and task manager, Workast, which allows you to organize tasks for the team within the application. Many say the best part about Slack is its generous free plan.

Focus management

  • Focus Booster. As multitasking is not a “thing” anymore, we‘re all into focusing and getting into better working habits. Time management technique Pomodoro involves working for 25-minute spurts on just on one task, followed by 5-minute breaks. If the job at hand is challenging, you can break it into 2-3 Pomodoro time slots. Focus Booster is an online timer making it easy to implement Pomodoro and keep your focus. The sessions are automatically recorded in timesheets, so it’s easy to track how your time was spent. You can use it in in any device – computer or mobile.

Activity management

  • Smartwatch, activity monitor or anything that reminds you to move a bit every hour. We all know the brain works better when the body gets some movement. Take a minute or two, stretch yourself or take a short stroll outside. You might come back to the tasks at hand with a valuable new perspective.

A daily dose of inspiration

  • Momentum. As the saying goes, the most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing. Momentum reminds you of the daily focus point with every new tab you open on your internet browser.

Because clarity and good grammar matter

  • Grammarly is an online tool that checks your grammar and spelling. Its proofreading resources check against more than 250 grammar rules, which makes avoiding mistakes easier. The software also helps you to find suitable wording and synonyms, so your texts are easy to read and professional-sounding. You can integrate Grammarly software with your MS Word or other programs, so all your Facebook posts, blogs and e-mails are clear and correct.

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