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10 tips for creating the Newsletter


October 16th, 2022


A newsletter is a business tool, which allows sharing relevant and valuable information by providing fast communication with the audience. It is one of the most essential elements of email marketing strategy.

For that reason, it's important to pay attention to the main three aspects - design, content and value - of communication. Workland Telegraph shares some tips, that will help you to build the best newsletter possible. Also, taking into consideration, that for each business, an individual approach is needed.

1. Learn from the best

In the 21st century, it’s almost impossible to be original, but not always need to be. You don't need to try to reinvent the wheel but listen to some useful tips and tricks from others. It could be blogs, videos, or lists which include different suggestions. That way, you can create your own flow of ideas from the received information.

2. Write engaging titles and 2nd liners

A compelling headline can be the key to success - it makes the reader want to find out more. It can also have a substantial effect on the opening rate. That's why it is important to think about every little detail. Usually, companies forget about that and make some typical mistakes, for example, leaving the text - "view this in browser".

Another aspect to consider is the email symbol, which personalizes your email content and messages by providing a logo. It could be Google, Microsoft, Yandex or Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), which enables email inboxes to display a brand’s logo next to the brand’s authenticated email messages.

3. Use the right time to send it to your target group

Perfect timing is a keyword to successful communication with your audience, especially related to email notifications for subscribers. For that reason, it’s essential to know the best time to send out a Newsletter. It may be a good idea to ask your target audience about the best delivery time while filling out the subscription form.

Photographer: Jane Sipelga
Photographer: Jane Sipelga

4. Personalize - use adaptable, dynamic and responsive content

Personalization gives a chance to create content suitable for specific users and their needs. It is a combination of commitment, consistency, and ongoing communication. That way, a customer can feel more related to your business and company.

The Dynamic Content feature lets you tailor a single email for different contacts in your audience and gives you the power to meet customer expectations. Think about the possibility of having a different Newsletter version for the mobile version, which would be less detailed and more noticeable. Also, use all the information about the recipient from Customer relationship management (CRM), lists or similar. In addition, a super nice gesture is to send greetings in the receiver's native language.

5. Add value to the reader's life & world

It’s essential to create an impression that makes each of us feel special and appreciated. One way is to express gratitude by letting people know that you are thinking about their needs. Also, a good idea is to provide different kinds of tops by involving experts or industry professionals. Besides, you can provide communication with readers by asking about their preferences and values or finding out ways to help.

6. Remember - design is important

Another good thing is a responsive design that works for almost all devices and apps. For example, you can consider aspects like alt-text, background colours, CSS buttons and hidden/blocked images. Dark mode checks are becoming more important every day. The easiest way is to test your design with different tools like Litmus, Email on acid or Mailtrap platforms.

7. Serve Ham, not Spam

The valuable advice is to avoid serving spam messages to your audience. To provide that, try to use SPF, DKIM and DMARC tools, which allow you to check some technical problems. Or check out deliverability by using any of the mentioned tools. Remember to avoid spam HTML content inside the mail by using too many links. Besides, you can take a general test with or

Photographer: Jane Sipelga
Photographer: Jane Sipelga

8. Learn from mistakes - analyze and improve

Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that every target group is different. Of course, general tips can help a lot, but we still need our insides and knowledge to adapt and improve the content. One way is to track the opening rate of emails with images, iframe and links. In that case, setting up, receiving and analyzing DMARC reports can be a good idea.

DMARC is more than just email security; it also provides email deliverability. And you can use it for technical reporting by trying to know out better-analyzing possibilities.

9. Give a second chance with a better unsubscribe

Life is always about giving second chances. For that reason, remember that email unsubscribes aren’t necessarily a bad thing, and you don't need to freak out when somebody makes a decision to unsubscribe.

One thing you can do is to try to find out the flaws of the Newsletter or why somebody unsubscribed. To keep the reader, try to communicate about possible adjustments and improvements, including timing, frequency, and content. Also, you can use coupon codes or gifts for feedback (giving a reason to put “work” even after leaving). Maybe even catch potential unsubscribers by checking the opening rate, and addressing “low rate” with different content.

The main thing is to understand that taking care of customers is important, even when they unsubscribe from your email list. You can give them other ways to stay in touch or look at it as a development possibility.

10. Pro Tip - save 2000€ every month 

The best way to save time and money is to set up your Email Marketing Automation & Experience Software. Potential open-source competition for Marketo, Hubspot and Salesforce Pardot. Especially now, when the small business segment has taken the lead in automatization.

Mautic (Open Source Marketing Automation) is licensed under the GPL license and is free to use. Make meaningful connections and think about building campaigns across multiple channels to engage your customers at the right time and place!

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