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Why is the work environment important to employees?


July 22nd, 2022

Workland members in lounge

If you have a regular, sometimes stressful job, it's important to work in an environment where employees are inspired by new ideas, where they have space to relax and drink coffee, and where the workplace itself encourages productive work. It's no secret that many companies are trying to create such conditions for their employees. And if you have not tried it yet, here are the top reasons why the work environment matters to employees.

Higher productivity

Employees who work on-site and are motivated, relaxed, and take pride in their work are more likely to contribute to company goals and help the business thrive. According to Harward's Business Review, stressful workplace environments and strict corporate cultures have reduced employee willingness to work, which can be detrimental to both outreach and company reputation. A modern and inspiring workplace benefits employees much more, so that employee productivity and enthusiasm contribute to the achievement of business goals. The need for a productive environment was also noted by members of the Workland community who had worked from home during the quarantine and then returned to the offices or coworking spaces.

Health and well-being

A positive environment, good relationships with colleagues and supervisors, create a positive work environment. Employees feel more secure in a positive work environment. However, employees who do not feel respected and valued in their workplace may face certain psychological issues. According to, employees who face tension, stressful situations, and a negative environment at work are more likely to suffer from various mental illnesses (anxiety attacks, depression). Therefore, it is important for employees to ensure that the atmosphere at work does not cause stress and that employees themselves feel that they are listened to and respected.

Workland G9 members
Workland G9 members

Encouraging collaboration between colleagues

A well-equipped workplace encourages communication and collaboration between colleagues. Teams that work in coworking spaces or offices that are tailored to the individual needs of the company are more likely to share a variety of ideas. The Indeed Career Guide article states that a positive environment also provides the opportunity to develop a productive dialogue between colleagues who achieve better results by working in teams. In such a work environment, employees feel safe to ask different questions and are more motivated to complete projects. Therefore, a well-equipped workplace, the environment you want to return to, and office rental solutions tailored to the individual needs of the company are very important details that contribute to the well-being of employees.


Time management

When working from home, not everyone manages to separate work from housework. Some of those who work from home stated that it is difficult to define the beginning and end of work, which only makes the work-life rhythm even more tiring and unbalanced. It is not uncommon for even the biggest supporters of working from home to want to change their environment from time to time. Here comes the issue of productivity: when you can't "disconnect" from your home environment, it's hard to focus on work, no matter how much you want to. The end result is that we feel like we're wasting our time, with neither quality rest time nor satisfying work results.

Workland G9 members
Workland G9 members

However, for some employees, it is the change of environment from the office to the home, or from the home to the office, that is a source of productivity and motivation. This is one of the reasons why more and more companies are choosing a hybrid work model and giving employees the flexibility to choose their workplace. In addition, it is very convenient for scheduling tasks and maintaining a work-life balance. For jobs that require a quieter environment for concentration or important meetings, you can choose to work in the office, while more creative tasks can be left for the environment of the home or any other place. In this way, when planning work, time is spent much more efficiently.

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