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Unicorns Lithuania will be located in the newest Workland centre


September 19th, 2022

Workland office

Association "Unicorns Lithuania", which unites more than 50 companies in the technology sector, chose an office in the newest centre for renting business premises managed by "Workland" in Vilnius, in the "3 Burės" complex located on Lviv Street. According to Inga Langaitė, the head of the association, having created a smart, open and rapidly changing startup community, the association decided to choose an office that would reflect these values.

"We are working to make Lithuania the best place for unicorn startups in the world - with a globally competitive education system, a business-friendly environment and a cooperative ecosystem. We ourselves aim to gather a community that would help startup companies grow faster and solve various issues together, so we are proud to be invited to become not only Workland workspaces, but also a part of the created community", says I. Langaitė.

Meeting room, Workland G9 centre
Meeting room, Workland G9 centre

The office is not a boundary, but a pleasant place to work

Laura Panovienė, head of fully serviced office premises and coworking spaces at Workland in Lithuania, notes that the changed labor market and the needs of employees no longer idealize remote work, and hybrid work and flexibility are increasingly identified as priority needs of employees.

"As the competition for qualified specialists continues among companies, they try to offer their employees the best possible working conditions: both a convenient schedule and a comfortable work environment that would be nice to come to." Not all employees want to work from home, some do not have the opportunity to work at home in a calm, focused way. The office is the place where we are most productive, and at the same time we can also meet social needs," says Laura Panovienė, head of Workland.

According to Inga Langaitė, the work of the Unicorns Lithuania team is not limited by the walls of the office, but it is good to have a place where you are welcome, can easily concentrate and work productively on the computer or invite other members of the ecosystem to meet. "Inside the association, we use a hybrid work model. We aim for a balance of what works best in a specific situation, ensuring everyone's freedom of choice on how to work comfortably", shares I. Langaitė.

Coworking in Workland centre
Coworking in Workland centre

More than a workspace

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the changes in office needs. With them came a new approach to offices - from just a workplace, the office became a place where you can meet new people and develop new ideas. This is especially clearly reflected in the concept of fully serviced offices and co-working spaces: representatives of more than one company and even more than one field work in such business centers, which encourages new partnerships and new projects.

The choice of the new "Unicorns Lithuania" office was also determined by the nature of the association's work: "We gather a community of startups and those who sympathize with them, we share experience that helps business grow. This kind of work eventually becomes a way of life and requires increasingly different involvement, taking into account the specific situation, combining and very different responsibilities, solutions", says the head of the association.

According to I. Langaitė, promptness and a flexible approach were very important when choosing a work space. "Also, the location, which allows you to comfortably plan the day's work, meetings in conference halls with various startup communities, representatives of the most important institutions or other partners. Of course, and the highest quality of service, when everything is thought of. This gives you the opportunity to start working immediately after coming to work, without worrying about administrative or other office matters. In addition, there is always a surprise factor - you stop for coffee and you never know who you will meet while drinking it", I. Langaitė shares her experience.

Laura Panovienė, head of commercial space rental at Workland, says that a modern office must be multifunctional and ensure maximum productivity of its employees.

"Today, the greatest value is time. Therefore, the time spent in the office must be used to the maximum - not taking care of servicing the coffee machine or cleaning services, but doing your direct work. No less important is the opportunity to develop your business and ideas, which is helped by the gathering of a community that expands the circle of useful acquaintances," the representative of "Workland" notes.

Workland Burės common area
Workland Burės common area

An inspiring interior and a supportive community

"Workland Burės" is the fifth "Workland" center in Vilnius and the sixth in Lithuania. Each of these fully serviced offices and coworking complex centers has a different interior, ensuring high functionality of the spaces, and all the centers spread across the Baltic States are united by a strong business community.

"The interior of our newest center, located in the "3 Burė" office complex, was inspired by the "Vendee Globe" sports yacht regatta, which testifies to the indomitable human strength and motivation. Our members are like that - persistently pursuing their goals, brave, inspiring and supporting each other," says Laura Panovienė.

According to the manager of "Workland" in Lithuania, this business community unites specialists from various fields, as well as well-known brand names and international companies.

“Fully serviced offices are a common choice for start-ups due to the flexible conditions, but they are also useful for well-established, growing companies. It is nice that we have also seen the growth of startups towards unicorns in our spaces, and now Unicorns Lithuania, which brings together the entire startup ecosystem, joins us," says L. Panovienė.

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