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Set up an office or join a coworking space?


June 10th, 2020


Whether you're just starting off or expanding your business, one of the first questions is, where are you going to work from. Aside from setting up a traditional office or working from home, you can consider moving your team to a coworking space - a preference for several companies and freelancers. To find out what are the most important aspects of working from coworking space, we carried out a survey among Workland community in Tallinn. Here is what we found out!

Environment and flexibility matter… a lot!

When choosing a workplace, pay attention to space and working environment as it plays an important role in productivity and inspiration. Modern and thought-through office layout and solutions help you to concentrate on your business goals. According to the survey, the top 3 most important things people consider when moving to a coworking space are the quality of premises (91%), location (81%) and flexible terms (81%). People, who choose coworking, appreciate the modern interior design, central location, short commute time and reasonable terms of renting a private office or a hot desk. Also, good quality coffee and 24/7 access were brought out as important conditions when hunting for the right place.

As mentioned already, flexibility is one of the main benefits of coworking spaces. We asked our members to state the biggest benefits of flexible workspaces and more than half of them said that the major indicator of flexibility was the option to work in different environments. Also, the options for short term office rent and the possibility of scaling up or down in size according to the needs were mentioned. Members also stated the opportunity to get valuable contacts and share information within the community. Also, the worry-free shared resources of the kitchen, cleaning, printing, meeting rooms etc – coordinated by Workland team – are highly appreciated perks of the coworking space.

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Productive and happy!

Most of us, who have worked from home-office, have had the “how-to-get-myself-going” moment. International research states that working in coworking space has a significant boost in productivity and our survey also supports the claim as 40% of responders said that after joining Workland their productivity has increased. In addition, 70% finds that the quality of their workplace has improved.

Creating a supportive and encouraging work environment is an important task of any coworking space. In Workland we can happily say, that 96% of Workland members consider themselves happy at work and 60% of responders mention their workplace happiness has increased after joining Workland community! When digging deeper, the survey revealed that aside from pay flexible hours (67%), doing interesting work (56%) and a beautifully designed office with a comfortable chair and desk (54%) influence workplace happiness the most. Also, having different spaces to work - regular office-area, a lounge or a kitchen (42%)-, consistent office temperature (42%), free and tasty coffee (40%) and training opportunities (38%) were mentioned.

Service Futures states that people who work in coworking spaces, do their job independently with less hierarchy and find their work more meaningful. Employees consider themselves accountable for their own projects, progress, and working methods. Conditions in coworking spaces prevent “social idleness” and counter-productive behaviours such as hierarchical competitions and having a “work persona”, but have the space to be themselves.

Pop by any Workland centre and try it out for free!

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