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Pup-erations Dream Team: Meet Workland’s Four-Pawed Coworkers


October 13th, 2023

Workland Dogs' Business Portraits Gallery

You probably know that a professional business portrait is incredibly beneficial for your personal brand. Well, the same applies to our adorable four-pawed coworkers! From now on, these furry coworkers are as well-recognized in our workspace as any of our human colleagues. 

Marta Malinovska, Workland Vilnius Events Coordinator, author of the Dog Business Portraits idea & photographer
Marta Malinovska, Workland Vilnius Events Coordinator, author of the Dog Business Portraits idea & photographer

During our previous "Bring Your Dog to the Office Day," we introduced an initiative to take dog business portraits. Our talented Event Coordinator and photographer, Marta Malinovska, professionally captured the essence of our canine colleagues. From the Chief Pawduction Officer (CPO), to Barketing Manager, these portraits showcase the diverse personalities that brighten our workspace. Thank you, Marta, for this amazing idea and the positive energy it brings to Workland!

Scroll down to see the gallery of the Workland Pup-erations Dream Team or visit our center, Workland Burės, located at 25 Lvivo Street, Vilnius, and coming soon to other Vilnius locations.

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