Overview of the events WorkLand Lithuania hosted in September

Our center in Vilnius has had a busy month hosting several events, all of different nature.

The photos below illustrate perfectly how WorkLand premises can be suitable for all occasions – whether it is for celebrating talent, sharing meaningful information and ideas or even for introducing new products!

Feeling inspired? To book a room for your event at WorkLand Lithuania, get in touch: gedimino@wrkland.com. To see what options there are available in our centers in Riga and Tallinn, please write: valdemara@wrkland.com (Riga), hobujaama@wrkland.com (Tallinn).

14th of September: press Conference of PF Chicken Factory Kekava / Venue: St. George Conference Hall

The speakers: Vidmantas Paulauskas , Saulius Čaplinskas , Andrius Pranckevicius.’


14th of September: press Conference “Year of the Ministry of Health: What went well and what did not” / Venue: St. George Conference Hall

The speakers: Rūta Pumputienė, Liudas Jurkonis, CFE, CAMS Šarūnas Narbutas, Aurimas Pečkauskas, Birute Brasiuniene.


14th of September: “Beauty Trends: autumn-winter 2017/18” by Sirowa Group / Venue: lounge and St. George Conference Hall

Photos: Tomas Lukšys


22nd of Sepetmber: seminar “Advertising Law and Consumer Protection” / Venue: St. George Conference Hall

Guest speaker Ms. Eglė Bakštytė, Senior Associate at the law firm COBALT, expert of Advertising and Consumer Protection law.


7th of September: Exhibition Art & gallery opening: „Watching the Walls“ by artist: A.Lopas, L.Žaliauskaitė, „Merginos“ by artist: Rasa Bart.

Art Gallery on the walls of WorkLand which included more than 50 picture of Lithuanian painters: Augustas Lopas, Laura Žaliauskaitė and Rasa Bart. The gallery is open during the business days from 9 till 18 h.