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Laura Bielskė: 4 ideas for effective business communication during the summer


June 2nd, 2022

Laura Bielskė, Budinti Komunikacija įkūrėja

The summer season usually arrives with a little slowdown in business: most employees are on holiday, and no one starts new projects unless it's planned beforehand. More laid-back messages are reaching the media, social networks are filled with holiday moments, and everyone is distant from the serious content and tense rhythm. 

According to communication expert Laura Bielskė, a member of Workland, journalists call summer the slow season or, in many languages, the cucumber season, and certainly not because of the seasonality of the harvest. Summer is a time for lighter content. When everything moves from large capital cities to the seaside, many people go on holiday; the communication strategy needs to be adapted, says L. Bielskė. 

Laura Bielskė, founder of Comms on Duty
Laura Bielskė, founder of Comms on Duty

Summer is for experiments, but not for the most important news 

Due to the fact that many people are on holiday and the mood of the audience is "lighter", summer is considered to be not a good time to publish important messages. According to L. Bielskė, such messages are not worth publishing because only a small part of the potential audience will see them. 

"But summer is a great time for bold, exclusive content and projects. The audience does not want serious information - if there was something you did not manage or did not dare to communicate in the cold season, be sure to do it in the summer," comments the expert.  

"In addition, this season is also a great time to experiment and learn; you will not lose much," believes L. Bielskė. 


Wider reach opportunities 

Paradoxically, although the audience that sees your message is shrinking in the summer, getting your content to news portals, shows, and radio is much easier. Also, according to L. Bielskė, there is a high probability that the partners and opinion leaders with whom you want to collaborate will react more positively to your proposal. 

"There is more time in the summer; people are more likely to help and try something new. Special attention should be paid to the representatives of the financial and technological spheres - during the summer they do not necessarily have to choose opinion formers who are already working in this field: be sure to try even the most popular influencers that don't seem to suit you at all. During summer – it's the best time to experiment!" - Says Laura Bielskė. 

Special attention if you're working in the financial and technological spheres. During the summer, you don't have to use well-known experts in this field; try the popular influencers instead to get your message out. At first, it might seem that they don't suit you at all but believe me, supper is the best time to experiment!" says Laura Bielskė. 


Prepare for a time buffer 

While, on the one hand, your messages may be much easier to air in the summer, it's advisable to keep a little time buffer. According to the head of Comms on Duty, your regular contacts in the media can also take time off, which may extend the response and confirmation time, and reduced working hours due to holidays can also shift the airing time for your message. 

"Be prepared in advance - it may take some time to adjust the message; you may even have to wait a few weeks," says L. Bielskė. 


Stay active and avoid the negativity 

As for social networks, according to Laura Bielskė, those who remain active in the summer win: "It is the activity in social media that attracts a loyal audience during the summer. If you don't disappear and stay credible, your followers will respond the same way. " 

In the warm season, our way of life changes - there's no need to hide it, just make a project out of it - show what your office and team members' activities look like. These can be moments from concerts or other entertainment or various challenges. 

"It's very important - even if it's raining - to make it rain positive. In the summer, you should try to find a positive angle," says L. Bielskė. 

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