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Workland is opening the largest coworking centre in the Baltics in Tallinn Fahle Park


April 19th, 2022


Workland, a leading flexible office space provider, is expanding its network in the Baltics and will open 3 new centres this year. The largest of these will open as early as the fall in commercial and residential real estate development in Fahle Park. In addition, new centres will be opened in Riga and Vilnius, which will strengthen the Workland Group's leading position in both Estonia and the Baltics.

Flexible office spaces are here to stay

According to Indrek Hääl, the founder and chairman of the board of Workland, the demand for coworking centres and full-service offices shows a constant growth trend. "If a year and a half ago it was assumed that working from home would become the norm, today we can see that comfortable office spaces supporting focusing and productivity are highly valued. Flexibility has become an important factor for both - the entrepreneur and the team member," adds Hääl, who says that the centres' private offices with 2-10 seats are the most popular. 

In 2022, Workland plans to grow by 40%, bringing over 7,000 m2 of office space for rent on flexible terms to the Baltic market. A total of 750 workstations will be added in the three countries. Workland will open its centre in Fahle Park in the autumn accomodating 300 people.

The unique urban environment in Fahle Park

Working in Workland Fahle allows you to take part in the wider community life of Fahle Park and enjoy the benefits of a unique urban space. "For example, there is an exotic gallery street with warm tropical greenery all year round, the cafés and restaurants are a great meeting place for people working in Fahle Park. The high construction quality of the entire Fahle Park and the multi-layered, attractive historical urban space have quickly revived the area. A strong community of IT companies has emerged here, including Finestmedia, Talgen Cybersecurity, Betsson. The media companies Postimees and DuoMedia are also located here, as well as the Apollo Group, Miele, the Unemployment Insurance Fund Career Center and others. The arrival of Workland also offers the local tenants the opportunity to flexibly add space and rent larger meeting rooms hourly or daily," said Sven Mihailov, one of the partners in Fahle Park.

The newly renovated Workland at Fahle Park will have separate meeting rooms, telephone booths and everything else regarding the modern office space, from a desk to internet access and a coffee machine.

Workland Fahle will open its doors in the fall 2022
Workland Fahle will open its doors in the fall 2022

Hybrid work is trending

According to Hääl, companies are looking for innovative office spaces for their teams that are functional and inspiring and allow them to work comfortably. All of this is also available in Fahle Park. "Flexible hybrid work solutions are increasingly preferred. Employees want to work in the office at least a few days a week, if not daily, and prefer to communicate face-to-face with colleagues instead of regular video meetings," Hääl adds.

According to a survey of Workland members, almost 40% of respondents prefer to work remotely only one or two days a week in all Baltic countries. However, the most popular country for office work is Lithuania, where about a quarter of respondents prefers to work in an office five days a week.

Although most Workland members are smaller companies renting offices for less than ten employees, there are more and more inquiries from companies with larger teams and local branches of large international corporations, the largest member being the 100-member team in Workland, comments Hääl. "We have never seen such a queue for the flexible full-service office than over the past year. At Workland, the company can flexibly scale up or down according to real needs for the office space and the growth rate of the business and choose a contract period that suits them," says Hääl.

Network of Workland Offices

Workland Group is the largest network of coworking spaces in the Baltics now with 13 centres, five in Tallinn - Hobujaama, Vabaduse, Maakri 19, Maakri 25 and Fahle in the autumn, two in Riga, five in Vilnius and one in Kaunas. 

The largest shareholder of Workland is BaltCap, the largest private equity investor in the Baltics, along with the company's founder and executive management.

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