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Fast-Growing Companies Choose Innovative Office Solutions


April 14th, 2022

Workland Laisvės Privatus biuras

The pandemic period has brought about a particular change in the daily routines of various businesses. We can see contrasting experiences and opinions about it, but most companies are expanding rapidly in search of new employees and planning to move to larger office premises that can accommodate growing teams. This highlights a recent problem in the business world - more companies are looking for new offices than the office rental market offers. According to the 2021 survey, the shortage of new office space will become even more acute in the next 1.5-2 years, and it may take more than a year for a company to set up an office.

Laura Panoviene, Head of Operations in Workland Lithuania
Laura Panoviene, Head of Operations in Workland Lithuania

Laura Panoviene, Head of Workland in Lithuania, also sees a growing demand for fully serviced offices and co-working spaces, especially in major cities. Businesses in such situations often face difficulties in organising their work when the existing office becomes too small and the search for a new office space is indefinitely delayed.  

The rapid expansion of companies, especially start-ups, forcing them to decide "here and now" where to accommodate their growing teams, leads to an increasing interest in fully serviced and equipped offices. Changes in working styles and ways of organising work are also driving companies towards these innovative offices: more and more companies are opting for the hybrid working model, which provides more flexible working conditions for employees and saves up to 50% on office rental and/or fit-out costs. These flexible solutions are the perfect solution to meet the changing needs of business: this lease concept offers fully furnished office space with all the infrastructure and services, and reduces the risk, as the lease terms are extremely flexible - from as little as 1 month.

"Businesses are in dire need of quick and flexible solutions these days. Today's dynamic business needs dictate new conditions - efficient time management and focus on business development encourage managers to choose workplaces where they do not have to worry about office maintenance and upkeep. In Workland's network centres, the company does not have to take care of additional and time-consuming domestic office issues," - Laura Panovienė, Head of Workland in Lithuania, shares her insights into the changing trends. 

The demand for such services has also increased in Kaunas. Renting offices and co-working spaces is becoming a convenient solution for both large companies and start-ups while the latter are setting up their premises. One of the most important criteria is the possibility to flexibly choose the contract term. In addition to convenient contract terms, these companies pay particular attention to modern-looking spaces that can also help attract new employees.

"Recently, we also had to find temporary workplaces, because finding your own office space takes time, requires careful calculations and planning for the longer term. The Workland office and co-working space centre in Kaunas was the perfect solution for us, as it met all our expectations - we worked in perfectly adapted and comfortable spaces, and all the office maintenance and upkeep issues were taken care of for us", says Mantas Lukoševičius, Head of the Cloud Competence Centre of Cloudeon part of Devoteam, a multinational IT solutions company offering the most innovative Cloud technology solutions. 

Workland Laisvės centre, Kaunas
Workland Laisvės centre, Kaunas

NFQ Technologies, one of the fastest growing digital solutions providers, also sees this trend: "Our team size has grown by 23% in 2021. We are growing so strong and fast that our former office space could no longer accommodate the number of colleagues. We were looking for solutions for new, larger premises, but the pandemic situation in the market made it much longer to move in," - says Matas Pocius, Team Leader of 

"We couldn't wait any longer as part of the team needed a place to work here and now. Workland provided excellent facilities and ensured that the company's employees could work productively and to a high standard until we were able to relocate. We appreciate the Workland team's attentiveness and support in creating a pleasant experience for our clients and we are glad that we chose Workland for this time," - says M. Pocius.

Workland's full-service office and co-working space centres, located in Vilnius and Kaunas, can also be a great solution for fast-growing companies with teams in multiple cities. Workland offers workplace solutions at Laisves Ave. 82, Kaunas, as well as at Gedimino Ave. 9, Gedimino Ave. 20, Didžioji St. 18, Konstitucijos Ave. 21B, and the soon to open Centre 5 at Lvivas St. 25, Vilnius.

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