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Estonian Government's Business Incentive Programme presented at the Workland Centre


January 19th, 2023


On 18 January, the Estonian e-Residency Vilnius Meetup, a programme established by the governmental organisation of Estonia to promote business, was held at Workland full-service office and coworking space centre located at Gedimino Ave. 9, Vilnius. The meetup brought together a community of professionals interested in establishing and integrating their businesses in the international market. 

The event was organised by e-Residency, a governmental organisation established by the Republic of Estonia, which offers a digital identity card to non-permanent residents of Estonia, enabling them to register a company in Estonia from anywhere in the world. The value of e-Residency membership is the ability to start an international business 100% online. To date, more than 98,000 people around the world have taken advantage of this opportunity, registering more than 24,000 new companies in Estonia.

Raimo Matvere, Head of Partnerships at e-Residency, presented insights into the benefits of e-Residency and provided practical examples on how to apply for the service or set up a company correctly, helping the participants to understand the business environment and to get acquainted with the whole business ecosystem in the international market. A practical example was shared by Skaistė Knyzaitė, CEO of Futurae Media, a global conference and trade fair organiser dedicated to fostering innovation and empowering inclusive communities across industries. She shared how she found out about e-Residency, why chose to use this service to set up her company in Estonia and what obstacles/successes she encountered along the way. 

Professional support and the value of community when growing a business

Kai Kaarelson, Estonian Ambassador to Lithuania, says that partnerships that connect different market sectors and create opportunities for established or start-up companies to grow faster are crucial for business growth. 

“Estonian e-Residency team is always aiming to support the community of nearly 100k e-residents globally. For that we have built up an ecosystem of service providers and partners that are helping e-residents to start and run their Estonian companies. Workland has been the member of e-Residency Service Providers ecosystem for two years by providing long term or temporary coworking and office opportunities for e-residents in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. From Estonian side, we are very happy to finally host first ever e-Residency event in one of the Workland spaces – Workland G9 in Vilnius. It’s the power of community and cooperation that matters!” – says Kai Kaarelson, Estonian Ambassador to Lithuania. 

Kai Kaarelson, Estonian Ambassador to Lithuania
Kai Kaarelson, Estonian Ambassador to Lithuania

Laura Panovienė, general manager of Workland in Lithuania, agrees that spaces like Workland, where professionals from different fields and strong brands work, meet and establish partnerships, only accelerate various business development processes and enable companies to achieve the desired results. 

“Community support, the opportunity to make new contacts and become visible on the market are essential for growing businesses. Workland centres provide community members with a spaces and atmosphere tailored to their needs so they can implement their new projects in cooperation across the Baltic States”– says Laura Panovienė, general manager of Workland in Lithuania.

Laura Panovienė, general manager of Workland in Lithuania
Laura Panovienė, general manager of Workland in Lithuania

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