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Keep your focus on your business


August 14th, 2019


Creative agencies have specific needs for office space – in addition to a meeting room, a silent room to produce audio clips, a setup for photoshoots and a place with big screens for video jobs. “Those features are not part of the Workland office spaces, so we were a bit hesitant about how we could work here. After two months I can surely say that even though we operate here a bit differently, working in a coworking space has several benefits,” he added.

Sven says that when they first arrived, the team was very nicely welcomed. “Besides the members of Workland community and Workland’s own staff, there were a few friendly dogs who made it a very warm welcome,” he laughed.

In Workland, the team is sitting closer to each other. “It’s had a huge influence on our team spirit. And I think we take more time to chill and talk to each other in the lounge area compared to our own office.” He also considers networking with other businesses in Workland to be a benefit. “Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to use the potential to its fullest. It is eye-opening to exchange ideas with people outside of our team, meet other professionals working at coworking centre and get inspired by the events organised here,” he added.

Creativity is a team effort

Working in a creative agency is usually considered to be a restless existence, maybe even a bit crazy – people constantly launching, chatting and sharing every thought. According to Sven, developing creative ideas for campaigns is a team effort – most of the creative minds prefer to share and reflect on the ideas to develop the best one.

“One of the rooms we miss here is our War Room – a place to go and be creative. It is important for the team to have a designated place for creativity – where you can go, sit down, talk or sing or draw and go crazy, in a good way. We use blackboards and other tools to boost creativity as it sets up an open atmosphere for collective creativity, where no idea is stupid. On the other hand, it also creates a habit in one’s body – whenever you go to that room, your mind starts wondering. It is the same as when you enter your bedroom, you get sleepy, or you go to the office and focus on your job,” he explains.

Even though Imagine’s team could have worked from home offices during the renovation of their office, they decided to set up a temporary work station at Workland. “Working from the office surely increases productivity. I know some people have superpowers when it comes to taking care of business from home, but I’m not one of them,” he smiles. “During the three-month period here, I haven’t had to think about daily office administration of our agency and I have focused on the creative challenges. I have to say that the atmosphere in Workland is very much about getting things done, I guess it suits any kind of any business!”

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