6 practical tips on how to be more mindful at work

6 tips how to be mindful at work
People spend as much as a third of their lives at work. It’s very important that the work environment supports our overall wellbeing, including mental and physical health.

Workland member Kärt Lust-Paal (Clinical Psychologist, trained CBT Therapist, Mindfulness Teacher) from Noviti shares 6 practical tips on how to be more mindful at work.

  1. Take a pause when you arrive office in the morning and plan your goals for the day (before you open the mailbox).
  2. Do one thing at a time, don’t multitask.
  3. When you feel overwhelmed, take a 3-minute break and notice your breathing.
  4. Conscious breathing isn’t the only exercise you can do to reset your spirits. Try observing, listening, and appreciating more intentionally.
  5. Try a more extended mindfulness meditation exercise from Youtube.
  6. Make sure to unplug and set boundaries when you head home.