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Long term offices

Only one paid invoice a month and you never have to worry about extra services, such as cleaning or courier services, or even catering. WorkLand is able to create an enjoyable working environment, where people don’t have to sit fixed at their desks, but can use the rooms when necessary. Why maintain a large space, when it’s possible for your employees to move around and rotate according to need?


  • Fully furnished offices
  • Fiber optic internet
  • Reception and administrative support
  • Fully equipped kitchen, coffee/tea
  • Common areas, lounge
  • Daily cleaning
  • Security
  • Utilities and office management
  • 24/7 office access
  • Networking possibilities


  • Meeting rooms
  • Printing, scanning, small office equipment etc
  • Postal/courier services
  • Ordering of office supplies
  • Catering
  • Snack store
  • Other support services
  • Buying power with partners

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