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Sominder Enterprises OÜ

What does Sominder Enterprises OÜ do?

We help aspiring start-up founders prepare for fundraising and raise money by connecting them directly with the decision-makers. Many early-stage start-ups fail right after the start because they don’t have access to capital. At Sominder Enterprises, we have access to our private network of global investors with many of whom we have shaken hands more than once. We know what investors are looking for in a start-up and share our knowledge and experience with the founders. We like to work with people who make decisions fast and are not afraid to take responsibility.

How would you describe your field of expertise?

Everything we do revolves around fundraising. We provide support and guidance to start-up founders across various investment stages and put them in touch with international investors. Our ultimate goal is to get you funded, give traction and make your start-up successful. We take a highly personal approach to the start-ups we work with, but it doesn’t mean that we babysit them. We simply give them the tools and contacts to help them raise the capital they need, achieve their goals, expand and dominate their market.

What do you enjoy most about your work? What are the biggest “wins”?

The opportunity to destroy misconceptions about fundraising almost on a daily basis is a sweet addition to my job. The founders are always flabbergasted to find out that what they once thought was impossible is within close reach and can be obtained by making simple changes. And that is when we enter the stage and guide you to better performance and growth.

Why did you choose Workland Hobujaama?

This question has been answered all over: of course, the central location and proximity to everyone’s home, a quiet environment (although we joined in the middle of the lockdown, not sure if that is going to change once more people return to the office), convenient meeting rooms. The great team is the cherry on the cake!

What would be the three words that best describe your experience at Workland?

My Workland experience translates into Efficient. Focused. Stress-free.

Which companies/entrepreneurs would you encourage to join Workland?

I would say anyone who wants to focus on their company’s growth and hand over the rest to the professional office management team will realize that Workland has unbeatable benefits.

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