Anu Oks & Dolores Daniel

Workland Vabaduse, Tallinn

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Business background, services, and goals.

Estonian Business Angels Network is an umbrella organisation for business angels and business angel groups seeking investment opportunities in Estonia and its neighbouring regions to grow the quantity and quality of local seed-stage investments. There are two team members – Anu Oks and Dolores Daniel working on providing super value for investors, startups, partners and the startup ecosystem as a whole. 


What challenges or needs did you face that led you to look for a solution like Workland?

EstBAN was looking for a quiet yet professional and productive environment where to work, hold meetings and events. We appreciate the corporate-oriented setup with a startup touch. 


Depending on your own specific needs when looking for space, what are the main advantages of Workland Vabaduse compared to other similar office spaces?

The main advantage of Workland Vabaduse is, of course, the location of the office – right in the very centre of Tallinn, where everything is so close. The advantage is also privacy in the dedicated desk areas – very quiet and great working environment. What we love are the design of the office and the furniture. :) Also, we adore the friendliness and professional approach from Workland Vabaduse team – they help you every time! 


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What are three words that describe your experience at Workland?
  1. Good people
  2. Great environment
  3. Professional attitude 
What other types of businesses would you encourage to move into Workland?

Where to start – designers, freelancers, programmers, startup teams, accountants. It’s great for all who are open to new partnerships and are looking for business-oriented, yet cosy location to support productivity.


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