3S Money

Eugene Dugaev

Workland Telegraph, Riga

Meet Workland Telegraph member, Eugene Dugaev, Co-Founder of 3S Money.

With its headquarters in London, 3S Money is a payment service that provides global payment solutions for businesses and aims to revolutionise the traditional banking system. “3S Money combines an enthusiastic start-up culture with a high-class support service, and being a member of the Fintech community, we really value a comfortable and vibrant working environment. Our head office is located at Barclay’s Rise, the “home of FinTech”, in the heart of the London FinTech cluster, and just a short walk from the City’s financial district. It’s no wonder that when we moved part of our team to Riga in Latvia, we set high standards for our new workspace,” explains Eugene.  

Workland Telegraph has met all of our expectations. It’s everything we’ve been looking for – a trendy design with modern business culture and in a great location. Here, we enjoy a refreshing mix of exclusiveness and simplicity: this beautiful workspace enchants us with its modern, relaxed and elegant ambience, which is the complete opposite of the pressurised corporate world.” 

“I personally believe that a well-organised, tailored-made workspace with good natural light and break-out spaces creates a productive workforce. Workland Telegraph positively influences our team’s creativity and willingness to spend their working hours in the office. Our corporate culture doesn’t oblige people to get to work every day and they’re not tied to their desks from 9:00 to 18:00, but we come to the office anyway – because it’s comfortable and inviting, plus the environment here truly sparks innovative ideas and inspires creativity in some way.”

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